YRSTS #6 The Weekender Slouchy Hat

You can find the “pattern” here. God this pattern annoys the hell out of me. Ugh.

This pattern pissed me off more than these YRSTS usually does.

I can’t with these so called designers! What the everloving FUCK?? There is nothing about this that warrants the $5 price—-NOTHING. It’s a simple ass crocheted hat. I guarantee if you were learning how to crochet, this could be your first attempted pattern. To quote from the Rav page:

It is crocheted in the round, in a spiral, omitting any chaining from round to round (coz I’m a rebel like that)

*eyeroll* That’s all the fuck this pattern is.

It uses dc for the majority (top and crown) and sc for the brim…. I think I see hdc before you switch to sc (not really necessary IMHO).


Whatthefuck. The


are so many, I feel I am dumbing you down by sharing them, but it’s part of my schtick so…

If you’ve ever made amigurumi, you’d be familiar with this way of crocheting. The default for making most hats in the round is joining rounds–sl st to the last st, ch x to start the new round. In this instance, you just crochet round and round without joining—all increases and decreases are done exactly the same way. This blogger came up with a clever way of differentiating the two;

1: Round = Slip Stitch to join at the beginning of each round.
2: Spiral = No Slip Stitch

Works for me.

A Rav search for Free Crochet Slouchy Hat turned up 100 results. You can work most of them in a spiral. Honestly though, it doesn’t matter much. In the end, it all depends on personal preference and how anal (*snickers*) you are about symmetry and having a visible seam in your hat. There are ways to hide your joins (Expected a link? I was gonna put one, but you can do it yourself if you really care enough to find out. Just saying).

For a hat like the one listed, I would use worsted wt, and a H or I hook. Start with a magic circle, 10 dc, then your normal rate of inc in the round (inc all, dc 1 inc, etc) until you hit 80-100, then crochet without increases for however long you want your slouch to be. Then, you might dec down to about 60, and start sc for a couple of inches (for a “normal” sized head, that should be sufficient. Adjust to your dome for best results :P).

A handy tip: use a locking stitch marker when spiraling. Even when working on amis (avg. stitch count 20 stitches) I use a marker to keep my place. Since there is no definitive beginning to the round, you need to know where you are, especially when doing inc/dec. After that, it really doesn’t matter so much 😛

You’re welcome.

Happy Crocheting.


Thanks for the love <3

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