Pineapple Obsession

Not just an awesome fruit… or cake, or juice, or candy….*nom nom nom*

I can’t stop thinking about them. When they are used in a design, they’re so throwback, but still relevant and classy. And they’re a breeze to make! What is there not to love about them??

You realize I’m going to eventually make my own pineapple shawl pattern, right?? Yesssssss…. it will be my first major pattern. Should be an interesting journey in any case.

I need to do some research and study pineapple formations. I think I have a grasp on how to start a top down or a bottom up shawl with pineapples; just gotta look into how different pineapples are formed and such.

Luckily I have quite a bit of research material at hand; more than I thought I’d be able to find, actually 😛


Thanks for the love <3

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