YRSTS #7 East Coast Mittens

You can find the offending pattern here, just, y’know, don’t spend any money on it.

A few weeks ago, it was colder than a witches’ tit here in NYC. As such, I realized my awesome nummy Fetching fingerless gloves weren’t gonna cut it… I needed a set of full mittens.

Sure, there were the colorwork mittens I have started back in October, but they would take me too long to finish in the time I needed them (I do need to finish those one day…) So, industrious me decided to look for some mitten patterns.
Ravelry has a lot (I mean, a LOT) of knitted mitten patterns…. overwhelming ain’t even the word. So I tried narrowing down the results to adult fit, and started lurking. I found the above pattern in the midst of this search… and thought, wait, didn’t I see a similar glove pattern for free somewhere (I thought it was Knitty…)?

Damn straight I did. There were several


Well, a search for free thrummed mitten patterns turned up 27 patterns! Lookit that.

This one is my favorite 🙂 It looks exactly like the one above! Can you believe it??


The only positive thing I will say about the above pattern is they seem to provide some customization options.

It still doesn’t justify the $7 price tag.

The houndstooth pattern can be easily adjusted to thrums, like this pattern incorporated it into some colorwork. Thrumming as a concept isn’t hard, and I really don’t think it’s nice or fair to charge for something that’s not only simple to do, but something you can find numerous FREE tutorials for on the web.

You’re welcome.

Happy Knitting!


Thanks for the love <3

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