Cupcake Project Bag

I made this bag for a swap on Google +. It was pretty easy to make and I loved the end result.  I took my Cutie Cupcake pattern and slightly tweaked it (I used a different hook size, and added a lil of this and a lil of that…) and voila!
It was pretty fun to make… and I want one for myself 😛
The above picture was taken by the lovely +Dianne Velazquez-Hunt.  (She is such a doll for letting me use her photos :D)  More pictures of the FO below 🙂
Photo by +Dianne Velazquez-Hunt 
Photo by +Dianne Velazquez-Hunt 

I’m thinking about writing up a pattern for it. Anyone interested? Leave a comment if you are and if enough people are interested I will happily replicate it and take notes this time! Also, please indicate if you’d like to test the finished pattern for me ❤


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Thanks for the love <3

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