Saran Wrap Manicure and Throwback Acrylic Set

Being an Unemployed Diva means that some sacrifices have to be made.

After a long love affair with acrylic, I had to give it up last year.

You don’t understand… I have been getting my nails done since I was 13… with very few gaps of having my natural nails out in between. I was known for my crazy flashy nails, like these:

2011-05-28 16.56.56

Damn, I miss these sometimes.

2011-05-28 16.55.55

So me giving these up was one of the many sucky things I had to do last year :/

My last fling with acrylic was before I went to Cali last May.

I am proud to say it’s been almost a year since I’ve taken off my acrylic. I took it off my nails mid-June 2012. Do I miss it? Sometimes. I miss the envious glances and people tapping me on the subway asking me where I got my nails done. 

Now that I do my own nails however, it’s become a ritual that I can’t live without. My sister said as soon as I got work, I would go back to acrylic… when I was working at the Yob from Hell, I just bought more nail polish and continued to do my own nails. I went from having maybe 5 or 6 bottles of polish to over 100 in the span of 9 months!

When I get obsessed into something, I go all the fucking way XD

But I digress from the original point of this post.

I joined a group on Google Plus called Nail Polish Lovers. There are so many talented ladies on there… I wish I was half as good as some of them! I’m getting better and better though! I do my nails about 2x a week, so I see a vast improvement in how neatly I paint–and I have started trying my hand (har har) at doing designs…. sometimes they come out alright and sometimes…yikes 😛

This week, I am obsessed with the saran wrap manicure:

It’s easy peasy and the results are pretty awesome!

I used the following polishes for those interested:

4/23: Brucci’s Victoria’s Blue Eyes for the base and Essie’s Sexy Divide for the top color. I topped everything off with Wet N Wild’s Hallucinate.

4/26: Brucci’s Wired for the base color and Claire’s Flashy for the contrast. I topped it all off with Wet N Wild’s Kaleidoscope.

Look forward to more nail posts! It’s exciting to have a place to put them, as I am too lazy to have a nail polish only blog XD


Thanks for the love <3

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