NOTD: Pinky Glitter and the Big Chop

I did the Big Chop.

After not having long nails/acrylic for so long, it was weird having my natural nails long. Also, two of my nails cracked on the sides, so I cut them all off without mercy. 

I actually like my nails at this length though 😀

For the pink mani, I used Revlon Brilliant Strength in Dazzle, Revlon’s Sparkling, and Wet N Wild’s Hallucinate. I love the BS; I don’t have to use my usual Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps… just used some Nutranail crap and my usual Insta-Dry top coat as a precaution (BS has a built in top and base coat :P). The last time I used this color. it lasted 5 days.. a record for me.

For the blue manicure (which looks kinda shitty, but I decided to post the pics for posterity’s sake :P) I used Zoya in Indigo and WnW’s Hallucinate (which obs is my new favorite glitter ^__^)


Thanks for the love <3

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