Reason #202948 Why I Call My Boyfriend Mr. Awesome:

Reason #202948 Why I Call My Boyfriend Mr. Awesome:

About a month ago, my beloved Hitachi stopped working. The ridged part where the plug connects to the base was severed, thus making it inoperable.

I mentioned it to him in passing (read: a sad 10 minute rant about not being able to get off properly when I wasn’t with him) and never mentioned it again.

Cut to yesterday: I met up with Ian for our usual Hump Day activities. He asked me if I wanted one of my birthday gifts early, the proceeded to hand me a box from NewEgg.


I was thinking it would be something techie (speakers, maybe a new tablet case? idk), but then I shifted through the brown paper to find a new Hitachi.

Shocked much?

I was floored. And definitely excited.

I told him my vag loved him before this, but now it was eternally grateful to him as well.

…we then went on with our pre-planned Hump Day festivities, but we were too distracted to try out my replacement toy 😉


Thanks for the love <3

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