This Week in Pictures… Sort Of (6/10)

It’s been a busy week for me, this last week of Age 27.

Sunday, I went shopping with my mom and sister. Got some new clothes from Old Navy 😀

Monday I spent stressing out and emailing to clear up a work discrepancy (more on this in another lengthy blog entry…). I also made some stitch markers and organized my Ravelry queue.  I also worked on my present to myself. This is the first lace project I have done with laceweight yarn. It was a little tedious at first, but the chart repeats are easily memorizable, and the yarn is nummy. I finished the first repeat. I also painted my nails. I used OPI in Gargantuan Green Grape (matte) and Essie in Carnival.

Tuesday, I hung out with my best friend Yagina and I played with the cutest kitteh. His name is Angelo and he’s a sweetheart ❤ She fed me some nummy Dominicano food and we caught up. I gave her her much overdue presents too XD

Wednesday was my busiest day. I went to a clinic to check my girly bits… it’s been awhile. I’m not preggers or have HIV, so yayyy for that! I’m back on birth control too…. good and bad, I guess. I also went to the city (aka Manhattan) to lurk around. I found the book pictured above in Forbidden Planet, which I thought had closed but they just moved to a new location. I also headed over to Argyle Yarn Shop in Brooklyn. I hung out for a couple of hours, talking to the owners and working on Ian’s socks. I came in on the right day; they got a fresh shipment of MadTosh yarn in… so of course I had to buy two skeins + one of my knitty grab bag gifts (not pictured). I also ordered some Julep polishes; they had a promo I couldn’t say no to! I then went to Ian’s house…. 

Boy did I have a long day on Wednesday 😛

Thursday I devoted more time to working on my birthday present. I finished the first body chart repeat and am currently halfway through the second body repeat. My tablet’s charger decided to stop working, so I had to order another one. My baby is almost dead so I had to shut her off :/ Luckily, I got a trial of Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping! Hooray~!) I also ordered some cheap phone cases for my S3; one that has Hello Kitty-esque ears and a bow, and a pink rugged zebra print thing. The both of them together were cheaper than the case I have on my phone now…even with shipping XD 

Today I did my CInderella gig, then went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for empanadas, as my knitty meetup is tomorrow and we’re having a party. Now I get to work on my shawl some more, repaint my nails, then mebbe start a hoodie for my nephew 😀

That’s all folks. This will most likely be my last entry before my birthday 😛


Thanks for the love <3

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