Livin’ La Vida Vape-a!


After almost 10 years of smoking, I have decided to quit. 
I smoked my last cigarette Tuesday morning and haven’t looked back.It hasn’t been a whole week or anything, but I am fairly confident this is for reals this time. How did you manage to do it, you ask?

I decided to start vaping again.

Backstory: I bought a starter set from V2 Cigs a couple of years ago and used it here and there, but it never caught my fancy…until recently, that is. I got a flavor reminiscent of Parliament cigarettes (my former poison of choice), hilariously named Congress XD

But the kicker is… it worked.

I had a variety pack and also a 5-pack each of cherry and vanilla to start with. They were a nice novelty, but having something that tastes a little like my old poison seems to help soothe those cravings a helluva lot better. Now the vanilla and cherry are treats XD

I have been happily puffing away wherever and whenever I want, and I haven’t even been vaping as much as I used to smoke! O__o

As an added bonus, Mr. A decided to quit tobacco and vape too. He got some cool vape stuffs in yesterday! He got some fancy model that you fill up yourself and looks all futuristic. Maybe one day I’ll get one like that, but I like mine. It looks like a cooler version of an analog cig and is way more portable than his. In any case, we drank and vaped the night away  last night:P Having a support system makes it easier to just vape ❤

Think of allll the money I’ll be saving… I can buy more yarn 😀


Google Plus made an Auto Awesome of me vaping 😛



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Thanks for the love <3

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