Two Weeks Smoke Free!!!

Two Weeks Smoke Free!!!

And I’m going strong! I have only had ONE craving for an analog, but it quickly passed 😛

I have been drinking a shitto of water and pissing like a racehorse as a result… vaping can make you dehydrated (as a note: getting fucked up drunk and heavy vaping = killer hangover and dehydration the next morning afternoon….-__-) so I’ve been drinking about 5-6 bottles of water a day. My pee is super clear! Sorry for TMI XD

Anywho, to celebrate, I bought some more vaping stuffs: four clearomizers, and four e-liquids:

The first two and the clearomizers should be here Friday (yayyyyy!!!!)… the last two, who knows… that site had a 40% off sale and their orders are backed up. Can’t complain much though… with the sale, I got free shipping and it’s like I got the bubblegum e-liquid free XD

I’m really excited about the chai and the key lime e-liquids–they’re two of my favorite things to consume in the whole wide world 😛

I got an 18ml bottle of the chai and Bermuda, a 10ml of the bubblegum, and a 30ml bottle of the key lime pie. All in all, I spent about $40 for the flavors and the clearomizers… way less than what I would have spent on cigs in the last two weeks….and all this will last me well over a month! Isn’t that amazing??

I also called up V2 and got a replacement for my manual battery sent out to me… I’m lucky if it lasts two hours off the charger. They said 3-10 business days for the replacement to come in….

Man, I am like a kid waiting for Christmas right now XD


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks Smoke Free!!!

  1. kalevera Daily says:

    YAY for you !!! keep it up, it is hard as hell but worth it for sure 🙂
    If you are interested I have a FB page called “butt out and quit smoking” check it out and maybe give it a like and share your story/tips on there 🙂


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