Thanks For Vaping!

vaping allowed

I recently read an interesting article (essay?), and I wanted to weigh in about vaping and all the controversy that it seems to be getting as of late.

Vaping has spawned a whole community of people who enjoy vaping not just as a smoking cessation method, but as a hobby as wellFor me, vaping may have started as a way to (successfully) kick my tobacco habit, but it has quickly become an obsessive hobby. It’s really little different than painting my nails or knitting…I belong to an e-cigarette forum, a Google Plus group, and I regularly read essays and newsletters about vaping. I wishlist cool new setups and tasty sounding e-liquids. I thoroughly read reviews and watch YouTube videos about the latest mods and liquids. I’ve made new friends. Hell, it has even become a thing with me and the mister: we vape together and talk about the cool new shit, or sample each other’s e-liquids. We talk about how this coming winter we won’t have to stand around freezing out nuts/tits off to get a puff.

I never felt so strongly about smoking.

For me, smoking was a disgusting habit but like most addicts, I did it for the fix. The last few weeks before I smoked my last cig, they all just started tasting nasty; but when I didn’t smoke, I became an irritable monster so even though I was broke as fuck, I scrounged and begged for cigarette money (damn, I sound like a crackhead huh? XD). With all the health problems I have, I really shouldn’t have been smoking anyway. All those creepy anti-smoking campaigns didn’t help me feel any better either. I’ve tried quitting in the past: tried the gum*shudders*, tried going cold turkey…. none of it worked. But vaping? Not only do I get my nicotine fix, but it also simulates the all important ritual of smoking. I am a gal who loves her rituals. 

It would not be exaggeration to say that vaping has changed (and saved) my life. Since I switched to vaping ~3 months ago, I breathe better, my sense of smell and taste have vastly improved, and I feel all the better for it. If they were to ban e-cigs tomorrow, I would find a black market, or worst case scenario just stop. I will not go back to cigarettes. How many people on the patch or chewing that nasty ass gum can say that? Not too many. I’ve also saved a lot of money… even with all the cool vape stuff I have purchased, it doesn’t come up to even half the amount I would have spent on cigarettes. Real talk.

Vaping has saved lives and is helping to jumpstart the economy. It would be foolish and destructive to ban or strictly regulate e-cigs. As more and more states enact stricter tobacco laws, more people are turning to vaping and are in turn supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs. Once again, Big Brother wants to step in and run our lives. They raise cig taxes, scare you into quitting the cigs, and when you find a safer, cheaper alternative, they threaten that too? What the fuck? Is it because their Big Tobacco lobbyists are pissed off about competition? Or that the vaping industry is growing in leaps and bounds and they hate to see the proletariat climb up the ladder?


It cannot be under the guide of looking after our health. Vaping is safer than cigarettes, hands down. It doesn’t take 3940569 studies to tell you that vaping is a much better alternative to cigarettes (which has over 4,000 chemicals, 69 of which can cause cancer). Nicotine as a substance is no more harmful than caffeine, and it has many positive side effects. And what of these small business owners? Vapers are helping people branch their hobbies and passions into full fledged businesses. I buy most of my liquids from small mom and pop operations, which are made to order in the good ol’ US of A.

All vapers want the freedom to vape, as is our right. We want our products to be readily available without interference and unfair taxation and regulation from the government. We are adults doing nothing wrong… as a matter of fact, we are doing all sorts of “right”; quitting smoking helps the environment  we’re not putting ourselves at risk of dying from lung cancer, we spread no second-hand chemicals, and we even spread the gospel and convert people to kick the butts and go digital.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? 


2 thoughts on “Thanks For Vaping!

  1. Jason says:

    Great post! Keep up the good work at not smoking! I am going through the same things now! Smoke free since 5-29-13. I would love to speak with you about the “vaping allowed” picture and permission to use it. I would also like to link to this post. Shoot me an email please!


Thanks for the love <3

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