E-Liquid Review: Hillbilly Brew’s Crisp Cucumber

If you’re looking for a refreshing ADV that’s a little different, Hillbilly Brew’s Crisp Cucumber from Vapin Station is the e-liquid for you! If you like melon flavored things, then you’ll definitely dig it, as I find cucumber to have a flavor reminiscent of melons.

It reminds me of a drink I had in some frou frou cafe here in NYC… it was a cucumber spritzer and it was NOM! This would be the perfect summer ADV if you ask me… didn’t prevent me from draining the first tankful in the early fall, but I digress.

The vapor production was AMAZING in my EVOD tank using my eGo Twist  on 4.2v…. even on my knockoff eGo (~3.7 v), it has great vapor! And the flavor? OMG it hits you like a fist! I didn’t expect it to have such a nice strong flavor. I let my bf try it, and he is usually not a fan of anything beside lemonade and tobaccy flavors, but his eyes widened and he wanted to know where he could buy some (I passed along the website of course) XD


Flavor – 5/5: It is very flavorful. It is nice and crisp with the right amount of sweetness. Every hit had consistent flavor, right down to the almost empty tank 😀 It’s reminiscent of melons, but it’s not overpowering. It’s a nice palate cleanser to me.
Vapor – 5/5: WOW! The vapor is crazy good with this liquid. Usually I have to crank my Twist up to at least 4.4v  to get such vapor production.
TH – 3/5: even though vapor production is amazing, there isn’t much of a throat hit to me… not a minus, IMHO. I tend not to like liquids when the TH is too harsh or overpowering.
All Day Vapeability – 5/5: I am almost done with my sample, and I wish I could buy it in bulk to make sure I never run out of it. I can see this having a dedicated tank or clearo!

You can find the juice here. It’s Available in 10ml glass bottles for 7.99 and comes in nicotine strengths from 0-24mg. The sample sent is 6mg.

Please note that this juice was sent as a sample for review, and I have received no other sort of compensation. This is an unbiased and honest review of the juice.

2 thoughts on “E-Liquid Review: Hillbilly Brew’s Crisp Cucumber

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