You’d Be So Pretty if You Were Thin or, Fuck Fat Shaming


I recently read an interesting article shared by a friend on Google Plus, and my reply turned into a bit of a rant (I go into more detail here) XD

“You’d be so pretty if you were thin”, a common refrain I’ve heard from people; hell, even my own mother has said it to me in not so many words (I come from a mostly skinny family).

I have excellent BP, my cholesterol is low, and I eat pretty decently… why should I be ashamed to be big? I used to struggle with it all the time; couldn’t wear tank tops or mini skirts or shorts outside my house without feeling self-conscious and/or ashamed. I always felt inferior to my skinny siblings… and my mom seemed ashamed of me. Rice cakes, Slim Fast, yucky diet supplements… my mom forced them all on me as a child and teenager.

In the fifth grade during a health class where we all got weighed, my teacher made fun of me for being fat and proceeded to pinch some of my arm fat while doing so. I laughed it off at the time, but I went home and cried that day. Humiliation, sadness, depression….all of these were caused by the endless belittling and subtle jabs I used to get. In high school, I dressed like a dowdy weirdo… before Rainbow and other plus size stores that catered to younger people, I either dressed like an old lady, or I wore big shirts and baggy jeans.

You know what? Now I wear tank tops, tube tops/dresses (without a cover up!!), and short shorts outside. I even wear jeggings  and tights as bottoms! You don’t like it? Fuck off and don’t look. No one ever calls me fat to my face anymore, and even if they do I laugh and ask them if that’s the best they can come up with. I may be fat, but at least I ain’t ugly is my favorite retort :3

I can say without a doubt that I am healthier than a lot of these skinny people who eat Mickey D’s 5x a week, drink nothing but soda, and don’t walk more than a mile a week… all while making fun of fat people.

I drink mostly water. I eat fast food sparingly, and I walk at least 5 miles a week.

SO tell me, who’s unhealthy again? Are you so unhappy with your own shitty life that you have to make fun of others to feel good?

Besides, what’s wrong with fat people being proud of their stature? I thought variety was the spice of life?

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2 thoughts on “You’d Be So Pretty if You Were Thin or, Fuck Fat Shaming

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Maybe I’m unusual, but I always tend to notice girls who are good-looking in spite of being big. I’m not just talking about a girl’s face. I mean body-wise too. The problem is that it takes an intelligent person to appreciate shape and weight distribution, but most people are simple and dumb and focus on pure size.

    But what about the other side? I honestly often see girls who are good-looking facially, but then I notice they have skinny bodies, and I think, “She needs to gain weight.”

    Although, I don’t advocate wearing revealing clothing to show off. That can pose an unnecessary sexual distraction. It’s a shame that our culture uses sex as a status symbol in general. Expecting all females to have the bodies of little girls is part of that, and it’s kind of sinister if you think about it. Basically, our culture is a bunch of misogynistic pedophiles (which would explain why pubic hair is so unpopular in mainstream porn movies).


  2. LiLchubMonkey says:

    Been there and so you’re right fuck them. I’m just not learning to be comfortable in my own body this totally lifts up my spirits ❤


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