Whoop! Hair it is! Or, Why I Cut My Dreads

As a modern woman of African decent, I’ve pretty much done anything that could have been done to my hair:

  • Jherri curls (ugh, don’t ask….)
  • relaxers
  • human hair and synthetic braid extensions
  • weaves
  • cornrows
  • wigs
  • afro puffs
  • bantu knots
  • colored, bleached, textured
  • hot combed, flat ironed

Been there, done that…got a fucking t-shirt and a keychain.

In October of 2012 I decided to do what I considered to be the final frontier of black hair:


I didn’t know what to do with my hair anymore, and actually I had always wanted to do it… but like everyone and literally my mother told me NOOOOO you have such nice hair! Don’t dooo it ohhhhmygodwhyyyy.

SO I did it anyway. All by myself.

It took about 12 hours to get done, but my Goddess I did it. The locks were fluffy and weird looking at first, but in a few months time I was pretty happy with them.

They were easy to take care of… Minimum maintenance is great when you’re lazy. Add to this my diy ethos (I make my own hair products now!) and I was loving my locks!


Two year Dreadiversary 😀

I noticed sometime last year that some of the locks on the sides of my head were thinning out by the root. I thought over twisting might have been the problem, since it was the ones on the edges that were affected…at first anyway. It got to the point where some were literally hanging by a few hairs. Not wanting to be drastic, I decided to cut the offending dreads off and make it look cool:

I rocked it like this for a while, but they were still thinning out… in other places now. Wahhh my hairrrr! I thought it was all the coloring and abuse it had been through…

But no.

Earlier this year, I was officially diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and found out (among all the other nasty problems associated with it) that hair loss is a side effect (how fun!) Add to that the 4 lbs of hair on my head (I weighed it when I cut it XD) and it was a recipe for disaster. I was in denial for a few months… but as my hair started looking worse and worse (to me…) I knew what I had to do. I kept putting it off, looking for some miracle salve that would solve my problems…. couldn’t find one, of course.


I finally got the courage last weekend and did the Big Chop. It’s pretty interesting that when I transitioned from relaxed to natural back in 2011, I never did the big chop… I kinda let my hair grow out… add to that the bleach I previously had when I locked my hair, most of the relaxed ends had thinned out so there wasn’t much relaxed hair left at that point.

Anywho, I was ready to just cut ’em at the root and rock a shorter style but I remember my mom had told me that they could be loosed out. I was pretty skeptical… but apparently you can! I didn’t want all the length (especially considering how much hair I had and how long it took the author of that blog to unloosen hers?? No thank you) got some White Rain conditioner, a rat-tail comb (LOL I haven’t touched or owned a comb in YEARS) and followed the steps. Even though I cut 2/3 of the length off of the locks, it still took me a whole fucking weekend to loosen out anyway XD

So here’s the result (also the featured picture):


I am still debating whether to keep the sides shaved or let ’em grow out… right now, the sides are still kinda low so I guess I still have a few more weeks to decide XD

Do I regret cutting my locks? I’m a little sad, but definitely not regretful. I wasn’t really sad about it either until after I picked up the bag of hair and realized what I had done. Ok, ok, I might have panicked a little bit >_>

But my hair grows fast… it’s grown a lot in almost three years! Even after cutting 2/3 of the length, after I loosed it out my hair is about 4-5 inches right now. My hair was only a little longer when I started the locks back in 2012, so with a lot of care and attention, my hair will be long again in a few years. In any case, if I want length, I have fucking options now! I can always get extensions (or try crochet braids!) So I managed to console myself in that way.

In any case, this new ‘frohawk I’m rocking is totes cute! No regrets here.

Me being silly 😛

If you like, you can check out the gallery I’ve made for my dreadlock journey… from when I was putting them in, to the last pictures I took with them in and everything in between. It was an interesting time in my life, but I think I’m over them now XD

I look forward to this new hair journey! It should be interesting, at any rate.

2 thoughts on “Whoop! Hair it is! Or, Why I Cut My Dreads

  1. YvetteMyPet says:

    Girl, I am fixin’ta get serious about an Auto-Immune Paleo (AIP) diet to help alleviate some of my autoimmune issues. I feel your PCOS pain. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    You look great with cropped sides. That photo is gorgeous.

    I am done spamming you comments now. lol ❤


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