NOTD: Crazy Pink Skittles Nails

15 - 1 (2)

Here’s my latest NOTD! 😀

I’ve been using regular polish again lately… which is surprising to me, because in the past year or so I’ve grown to prefer gel polish. It’s really a risky endeavour for me to use regular polish because as a nail tech I always end up messing them up quickly XD But nonetheless, I have decided to go back to regular polish for a while, and perhaps I can find a way to not fuck ’em up 😛

I love Skittles Nails. I couldn’t decide what to do so I did all the things; pond mani, stripes/chevrons, textured polish, a jelly sandwich and a glitter gradient.

Man, it took 7 fucking polishes to get this look:

  • Sinful Colors in “Easy Going” (pale pink, dots/flowers), “You Just Wait” (iridescence on thumb), and “Got a Blush in You” (textured)
  • OPI Sheer Tints “Be Magentale With Me”
  • Chick Nail Polish “Biker Chick” (silver foil)
  • Loaded Lacquer “Do the Snow Bot” (glitter on thumb)
  • Twee and Honey “Zhagareet” (glitter on middle)

I also used wavy chevron vinyls from KBShimmer and dotting tools from eBay.

The mani was easy enough to do, it just took a while to get the index, middle, and ring fingers done.  It was totes worth all the effort (plus an hour and 1/2…) though. I even got some indie polishes in there (the last three)! I love this mani so much! ♥

I’ll start posting my NOTD on here again whenever I do my nails, even if I hate them XD

Thanks for the love <3

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