TonyMoly Hello Sheep Mask Sheet

Hey dolls! This is the mask from the first day of the  Soko Glam challenge! Finally! Yayyy XD

This is a mask from my bae, TonyMoly. I got it on eBay for $3.98 (!!) with free shipping. Kinda pricey for ONE mask, I know… but–but—it was a cute sheep! Can you blame me?? XD I bought this mask months ago and never used it… it was next up in my queue, so here it is!

sheep kawaii

This was too fucking cute not to use!

I’m sure by now you know that 2015 is the  Year of the Sheep according to the Chinese zodiac.  This limited edition mask was made to commemorate that. How awesome is that? I wish they would have made it a character mask. How cute would that have been??

Anywho, since I can’t really seem to find much about this mask (besides the featured ingredient, that is…), let’s just get on to that: lanolin.

Lanolin is a wax secreted by wooly animals (like sheep, llamas, and alpacas). It helps make their wool and underlying skin waterproof. Lanolin also has a broad range of applications besides skin care products. Talk about using tip to tail XD

But what we use lanolin for in skincare is its moisturizing properties; coveted because it penetrates deep into dry skin, and  creates a moisture barrier. How awesome is that?? It is (and has been) highly valued as a moisturizer since ancient times….probably since we discovered we can use sheep wool for making shit out of! Humans are truly enterprising… or at least we were XD


Umm, I think these are people dressed as sheep… I think XD

Enough wooling fooling around now…let’s get on to the review!


Mask 411: thick, kinda cheap feeling. Smelled nice.
Mask fit: perfectly placed holes, no slits, weird fit on chin,
Did it work as advertised? Uh….sure?
Overall rating? It was pretty meh, not the best from TM.

Mask details: The mask quality is, quite frankly, disappointing…. it felt thick and cheap. For it costing more than a standard TM mask, I expected luxuriousness…. didn’t get it. And it’s about the same price at the TM retail store in NYC (at least when I was there back in May…). It did smell nice though.

Mask Fit: This mask had perfectly placed holes and (guess what??) no slits!!!! There was a lot of extra mask hanging off my chin, but other than that the fit was pretty good.

First Impression: Well, the mask didn’t hold up so well… It started drying out in less than a half hour. I halfway expected my face to feel greasy, but it didn’t. It took only a couple of minutes for the essence to sink in, after which my face felt nice. I then finished my routine and went about my business.

Final thoughts: I guess I spoke too soon saying I never tried a TM mask I didn’t like 😦 And it’s not even that I didn’t like it, it just bored me.

coming to america bored


rebel bored eating

It was pretty meh.

kanye bored

Seriously though….

All in all, this was a disappointment. The mask didn’t stay wet long, and as for effectiveness? My face felt pretty normal the nest day. Not “super moisturized” as I expected. I was hoping this would have been a character mask… I was so sad that it wasn’t. It was a wasted opportunity, I tell you! I expected a lot more from TonyMoly. This supposed to be a limited edition mask? Really? I’ve had better Dermal masks than this (no offense Dermal. XD).

My face felt alright the next morning, so it was an all around ok mask. I wouldn’t re-buy it even if it wasn’t a limited edition item though. Bleh. What a bummer.

I have so many cool masks to share with you in the coming days… I’ve been busy and got sooo behind on my reviews! I take notes on each mask I use, then come up with witty banter and do the research to tie ’em all together… I have almost two week’s worth of masks, plus the rest of the SG challenge to cover… whew!

Have you used this mask?? Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “TonyMoly Hello Sheep Mask Sheet

  1. Vanna Latorre says:

    Aww, it would have been so frickin’ adorable if it were a character mask! I’m been wanting to get my grubby little hands on some character masks for a while now >:D

    You moved to WordPress!! :0 Have I been perusing the wrong blog for fucking ever, or??


  2. Deena White says:

    It was just meh all around! Bleh.

    I tried the SNP Opera mask (still need to review it XD). SO far, it’s the only character mask I’ve tried!

    Well, technically I’ve always had this blog… I just imported my SMM blog here; figured I’d keep everything I blog about in one place XD


  3. YvetteMyPet says:

    It is so nice to find a fellow WOC doing mask reviews. I think you are stunning and fly (see Sept 8th post header for reference). And I am about to get elbow-deep in sheet masks as a hobby. I can feel it.

    So, I have banter suggestions. Me an’ a lot of folks have fragrance sensitivities. Now, I don’t expect fragrance-free stuff from our Korean beauty purveyors (they are a lot like the French in that way); but it would be helpful to know what kind of scent I’m going to deal with. So, minty, citrusy, perfumey, woody, floral, herbal, light generic serum smell, or beastly with cleaning chemical smell would go a long way in helping me decide to buy. You can pick your own words, of course. 😉

    Second idea? Let us know how your face was feeling the day you used the mask. You feeling the terrors of dry patches? Gross from walking the mean city streets? Having a normal day? An oily day? That’ll help us know how the mask performed for you if we know the baseline..

    Also, ahem, somebody needs to set her priorities (or maybe I just can’t see it) on her mask wishlist on Amazon.

    ❤ Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! And I totally understand if you decline these requests, because ultimately I want you to do you.


  4. Deena White says:

    Thank you so much YvetteMyPet! I really appreciate your feedback 😀

    Also, compliments will get you everywhere with me 😉

    Your suggestions are very helpful, and I will indeed incorporate them into my mask reviews from now on! I sometimes forget (d’oh!) to mention the state of my skin unless it’s a really bad day haha. I will also expound on the fragrance type/strength more with a YMMV warning; I actually love perfume-y products! But I’m over the top everything so no surprise there XD

    Hmmm…. I want alll the masks on my list, but if I have to be specific….I guess I should go look into fixing priorities, and adding my wishlists on here somewhere (thank you for reminding me :D)

    There are other black women doing Asian Beauty reviews! There’s and They’re awesome! They inspired me to start blogging about AB stuff.


  5. YvetteMyPet says:

    I like earthy perfumes like Kiehl’s Original Musk. I just can’t seem to take florals very well. And I am always down for products that smell like food. Do you know how sad I was when I heard what the Pumpkin Sleeping Pack smelled like? I wanted that shit to smell like pie. Imma still probably try it though.

    I am pretty sure I’ve seen adoredee around (and already have thewanderlustproject bookmarked); but I have to revisit. Thanks for the recs!


  6. Deena White says:

    ROFLMAO!! OMG I thought I was the only one that wanted the TCFS Pumpkin pack to smell like pie! XD A friend of mine decanted some and sent it to me… It’s on my “To Buy ASAP” list… it’s really good! Leaves my skin feeling silky and moisturized the next day.

    Yw for the recs… it’s always nice to see black chicks rocking it in unexpected places!


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