Curly Girl Method Mini Haul

In the midst of my latest hair upheaval, I decided to try the Curly Girl Method on my hair. I did hours and hours of research (I even made a Pinterest board for it XD), and it seems simple enough:

  • No shampoo
  • co-washing (conditioner washing)
  • No sulfates or silicones
  • no brushing hair

Sounds good to me… I don’t like the “squeaky clean” feeling after shampooing anyway. As my hair is dehydrated and thirsty, this seemed like just the ticket!

So the first thing I needed to do was hunt down some suitable products. Luckily for me, I live in a (for now :-/) predominantly black/West Indian part of Brooklyn, so there are loads of beauty supply and discount stores for me to peruse! Yayyy cheap beauty products 😀

Here’s what I got:


My CG starter kit: lots of conditioner, microfiber towel wrap, big tooth rat-tail comb XD

I went up and down Nostrand Ave looking mostly for conditioner, since it’s an integral part of the co-wash experience. I decided to stick to the cheap shit (for now…) and what better than good ol’ VO5?? I got six bottles, ranging from $1.29 – 1.79. Not too shabby. I know sometimes the major drugstores have them for 99 cents and cheaper sometimes… gotta make sure to keep an eye out for conditioner sales so I can stock up! I have very thick hair, and I used about 1/4 of a bottle already (in one wash!!)!

I didn’t officially start the CGM until the wash I did on Monday. I modified the routine a bit… I did a coconut oil pre-poo (pre-co? XD) and an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse before moving on to my co-wash. I followed up with the LOC method. I used Jason aloe vera gel for my L, a DIY oil mix for the O, and a DIY shea butter cream. My curls were popping… but the shrinkage?!? Ugh.



I want to try a wash and go, but my hair is too short (IMHO) to rock it properly. On the plus side, my hair feels so soft and moisturized… I am sooo happy! This is the best my hair has felt in years.

I did some double twist bantu knots and called it a night. I still have them in… I have the cutest little turban and an assortment of scarves to cloak them in until I unfurl them on Friday. In the meantime. I’ve been diligently oiling my scalp and spraying a combo of AV, water, lavender, and rosemary essential oils. My hair smells amazing, and it’s still moisturized 😀

I haven’t bought any hair products yet… it’s ridiculous how many hair products contain mineral oil and/or silicones! Ugh. I’ll stick to my DIY products for now. As I go forward in this experience, I will see how well they work for me, and change it up if I feel necessary.

I’m really excited about this natural hair journey of mine.

I’ll report on how the twist out worked out sometime this weekend!


Thanks for the love <3

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