Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and ManiMatch Launch

Hey Dolls!

You may or may not know (prolly not…) but I’m a certified nail technician! I graduated from nail school last June (right after my 29th birthday!) and have been doing freelance nails since then. If you’re in NYC, I am available for a variety of nail services through my StyleSeat and through the Priv app (on Android and iPhones) 😀 /shamless plug

Last week (9/18-9/20) I had the privilege to work with world-famous Sally Hansen here in NYC for their new Mani Match app launch! (You can check out the Mani Match app here… only on iPhones right now…boo). I was one of 14 manicurists they hired to give manis away to celebrate their launch! I won’t lie to you… it was exhausting as fuck (I did about 100 express manicures last weekend and had to stand while I painted nails *sweatdrop*), but I met a lot of cool people and had the opportunity to work with a team of talented nail techs! 😀

Here are some of my favorite manis I painted and clients from the launch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The best part of all?? They let me have all the polish at my station, along with files and polish remover :-O

Working corporate events… free swag FTW!

I was soooooo happy! I really like this polish. I got to know it pretty well after working with it for three days straight…and I think I fell in love with it XD The formula + brush are full of win! The pastel/paler colors aren’t streaky, and some colors are opaque in one coat!

Here is an action shot of le me wearing the polish:

So far, it’s been 5 days since I painted this, and today I noticed tip wear… not too bad, I say! I cook, clean, etc and am generally pretty tough on polish. Most regular polish will last only a couple of days before I see tip wear.  I plan to repaint them tonight in another MG shade. I’ll blog about it of course (hopefully XD). If you’d like to read more about the application and what-have-you, you can read the FAQs about the polish here.’

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek into my working life, and of course all the wonderful polish I got! Now I only have one problem…. where the fuck am I going to put them all?!?? XD

I have an exciting announcement!!!! You’ll find out a little later today so stay tuned! 😀



Thanks for the love <3

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