Missing Pictures Issue – Solved

It took awhile but I fixed 'em!

It took awhile but I fixed ’em!

It came to my attention that a bunch of fucking pictures were broken… total technology fail D:

Fucking WordPress man… it seems to not like me linking to my pictures on Google Drive … but only for some pictures, and then it goes in and out. I had to take the time to go through the last couple of weeks worth of posts, download the pictures they were supposed to have to my PC, then upload them on WP with all the proper captions and sizes *sweatdrop*

What the fuck, WordPress?? Why give me the option to link to pictures from a URL when they work when they want (or not at all)?!?

Assholes… of course they want me to upload pictures through them so I can run out of space and have to upgrade my account! Fuck me… I’m gonna have to do so in the future. I don’t care for being strong armed, but what’s a girl with a shitload of picture heavy posts supposed to do?? 😦


I could always self host. Hmmm…..

Please let me know if you ever come across any broken pics… I noticed some from some posts I imported over from Blogger, but after a while I couldn’t be bothered to look for ’em all -_-




2 thoughts on “Missing Pictures Issue – Solved

  1. YvetteMyPet says:

    Maybe try Imgur? It’s super-clean and has short links and whatnot. And they don’t recycle image links like tinypic does. I don’t know about their unlimited-ness. But I have never heard any complaints.

    I feel compelled to solve this, as an IT person. So, just ignore me. LOL

    So, now I’m gonna go look at that lipstick post and a couple of the nail ones I missed. 🙂


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