About La Diva

IMG_20150908_184646_PerfectlyClearHey y’all.

My name is Deena. I’m a bodacious fat positive nail technician in her very early 30s who lives in NYC. I’m a writer who should write more (and update my various blogs more often…ahem). I’m happily taken by an awesome animator who roxors my soxors 😀

I’m a self professed lover of body mods and unnatural hair colors. I have a potty mouth. I love boobs… I love bright, colorful and/or eye-bleaching color combinations. I’m a grown ass woman who plays with and collects dolls. I love art, technology, food, good books (OK, OK, and trashy urban fantasy series, sheesh), my Nintendo DS (PINK!!! XD), and lurking on the interwebs. I love kittehs. I collect pens and Hello Kitty merchandise.

I quit smoking analog cigarettes and started vaping full time.. I’ve been smoke free for over two years! Feels great ❤

I’m an overly enthusiastic Korean Skincare convert. I have combination/oily skin (I haz oily t-zones…). Don’t ask what my technical skin tone is… don’t know, and since I don’t wear full coverage warpaint (err, makeup), I really don’t give a shit. I got into K-Beauty stuffs to attain the seemingly unattainable: a beautiful, clear complexion. Since I don’t wear coverage type makeup (and my skin isn’t so bad, I guess) I figured it was worth a try.,.and then I fell down the rabbit hole that is Asian Beauty.

I stopped relaxing my hair and went natural back in 2011–never looked back. No more creamy crack for me XD

I’m a crochet heretic and a knitting apostle. Music is my lifeline.

I believe in an inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.

Oh yeah….. I’m obsessed with sock yarn, nail polish, and (did I mention??) Hello Kitty.

Welcome to my madness.


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