Photo Tutorial: Front Post Double Crochet

I was going to include this in the Cutie Cupcake Bag pattern, but then I realized it would be like a zillion pages O__o

SO here it is! A photo tutorial to FPDC. I hope it helps ūüôā

Front Post Double Crochet
¬†If you’re using this tut to help you with the Cutie Cupcake Project Bag, your piece should look like this at the beginning of row 8:
This is the beginning of row 8 with the ch 2 and dc done.

To make a FPDC, you’re going to yarn over and put your hook behind the dc on the previous row from right to left:
You put the hook through the space behind the dc of the previous row.
Make sure it’s completely behind and not through the stitch!
¬†Then you’re going to yarn over once more and pull the hook back to the right side:
Yarn over once more….
…pull it¬†through.
So now you have three loops on your hook… looks familiar right? Yep, it’s just like a regular dc from this point. Yarn over, pull through the first two loops, then YO again through the remaining loops. That’s it!¬†
Ta-da! FPDC!
 From here in the pattern, you alternate as follows: dc then FPDC, etc.
Here are some more pictures:
Here’s an angled view of the FPDC. See the ridge it makes?¬†
First row of FPDC and dc completed.
The first row of FPDC ribbing might be the trickiest. When I first learned, I was increasing all over the place. Just make sure you’re not doing a FPDC in the same stitch you’re doing the regular dc in. The second and subsequent rows are easy peasy. You know where the FPDC goes just by feeling the fabric and looking at the ridges. You will FPDC in the previous FPDCs and dc in the previous dc.¬†
See what I mean?
 This is what the back of FPDC and dc ribbed fabric looks like:

I hope this tutorial helped! If you need more assistance, there are loads of videos online, or you may send me a message on Google Plus or pm me on Ravelry.

Happy Hooking!