Cupcake Change Purse

I am just obsessed with cupcakes this week, apparently XD

While working on the project bag, I had the idea to make a tiny version of the project bag as a change purse–it came out just the way I wanted it to! The sequins took about two hours to sew on (longer than the time it took to make the actual bag…go figure)… but totally worth it.

I’m making some more for sale in my shop ❤

Here are some more pictures:

You can see the iridescence of the sequins in this pic 😀
I have about a lb of change in here… handles it like a champ!
I got my labels a while back… this is the first item to have one ❤

It’s highly unlikely I’ll be releasing a pattern for this because I don’t really feel like it atm.

Haven’t you guys gotten enough cupcake shit from me??!?? 😛


Cutie Cupcake Project Bag is Live!

I posted the pattern on Ravelry yesterday. Please note that this is still being tested, so if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

This is based off of my Cutie Cupcake ami, hence the name. It follows the same basic methods but

  • it’s bigger
  • it’s made seamlessly
  • it’s made from the bottom up
And, you know, it’s a bag 😉

Gauge is not important; size can be changed by changing hook size, or doing more/less repeats.

Any worsted weight will do to make this. If you feel adventurous/ambitious, a smaller hook size may be substituted. There will be notes about this in the pattern.

The pattern has a link to my FPDC tutorial + a photo tutorial for my version of surface crochet.

Please note that if you choose to line the bag, some basic sewing skills are required.

You are allowed to do whatever the hell you want with your FOs. All I ask for is credit for the pattern if you decide to sell your FOs. 😀

You can download it via Ravelry or here: Download Cutie Cupcake Project Bag – it’s free! 😀

Happy Hooking!

Creative Commons License
Cutie Cupcake Project Bag by Deena White is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Photo Tutorial: Front Post Double Crochet

I was going to include this in the Cutie Cupcake Bag pattern, but then I realized it would be like a zillion pages O__o

SO here it is! A photo tutorial to FPDC. I hope it helps 🙂

Front Post Double Crochet
 If you’re using this tut to help you with the Cutie Cupcake Project Bag, your piece should look like this at the beginning of row 8:
This is the beginning of row 8 with the ch 2 and dc done.

To make a FPDC, you’re going to yarn over and put your hook behind the dc on the previous row from right to left:
You put the hook through the space behind the dc of the previous row.
Make sure it’s completely behind and not through the stitch!
 Then you’re going to yarn over once more and pull the hook back to the right side:
Yarn over once more….
…pull it through.
So now you have three loops on your hook… looks familiar right? Yep, it’s just like a regular dc from this point. Yarn over, pull through the first two loops, then YO again through the remaining loops. That’s it! 
Ta-da! FPDC!
 From here in the pattern, you alternate as follows: dc then FPDC, etc.
Here are some more pictures:
Here’s an angled view of the FPDC. See the ridge it makes? 
First row of FPDC and dc completed.
The first row of FPDC ribbing might be the trickiest. When I first learned, I was increasing all over the place. Just make sure you’re not doing a FPDC in the same stitch you’re doing the regular dc in. The second and subsequent rows are easy peasy. You know where the FPDC goes just by feeling the fabric and looking at the ridges. You will FPDC in the previous FPDCs and dc in the previous dc. 
See what I mean?
 This is what the back of FPDC and dc ribbed fabric looks like:

I hope this tutorial helped! If you need more assistance, there are loads of videos online, or you may send me a message on Google Plus or pm me on Ravelry.

Happy Hooking!

Update for Cutie Cupcake!

I have fiiinally come up with a top for the Cutie Cupcake I am happy with. I have revised the .pdf and posted it on Ravelry.

Here are some updated pictures:

The ice cream in the pictures is an old pattern I found the notes to and updated in December. I sold a bunch of them at the Bryant park Holiday Market in NYC. They are so cute and so easy to make! I suppose y’all would want a pattern for it too huh? 😛
Speaking of patterns, I actually have two ami patterns (the ice cream and an Erlenmeyer flask), a hat, and two crocheted sock patterns that need typing up… I should get on that soon, huh? 
The big sister to Cutie Cupcake will be released soon!

Cupcake Project Bag

I made this bag for a swap on Google +. It was pretty easy to make and I loved the end result.  I took my Cutie Cupcake pattern and slightly tweaked it (I used a different hook size, and added a lil of this and a lil of that…) and voila!
It was pretty fun to make… and I want one for myself 😛
The above picture was taken by the lovely +Dianne Velazquez-Hunt.  (She is such a doll for letting me use her photos :D)  More pictures of the FO below 🙂
Photo by +Dianne Velazquez-Hunt 
Photo by +Dianne Velazquez-Hunt 

I’m thinking about writing up a pattern for it. Anyone interested? Leave a comment if you are and if enough people are interested I will happily replicate it and take notes this time! Also, please indicate if you’d like to test the finished pattern for me ❤

NatCroMo FAIL?

Well, yes and no. 

While I didn’t do everything I said i would (>___>), I still got a lot done. 
Behold my Blanket of Assum!
This blanket is so mindless. I have been listening to the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast while I crochet it. When I was crocheting it…. haven’t touched it in like two weeks. BUT I am 50% done! I am already at 3′ long.
Craptastic Red Heart….I’ve had some of these for years and years….
I like the way grey and pink looks together. Must make something with these colors together…
It’s 6′ wide and (here) it’s a lil less than a foot.

Got about a foot length done here…
This is with about 3 feet done.
I plan to make a 6’x6′ square; figured it should be big enough for a full size bedspread. I also had to end up buying more yarn, as the quantity pictured above won’t be enough to finish the whole thing. I took the liberty of buying a whole new set of colors to do it because a) I was too lazy to look for the exact color ways and 2) it’ll look so badass 😀 Mind you, I did pick pout similar colors, but added one that was missing… green. I fell in love with certain shades of green recently; up until a few years ago, I never bought green yarn if I could help it. I bought a nice spring leafy green and teal. I love teal ❤ 
I have to say, though I didn’t do all I wanted for NatCroMo, it *did* get me to start this blanket, which is the most ambitious crafty project I have ever attempted. In two weeks’ time, I managed to get half of it done! I am pretty quick. It’s not boring per se; it’s just really heavy right now and it gets to be a pain in the ass when working with it, even on my lap. I’ll try to finish it before the summertime. 

Pineapple Obsession

Not just an awesome fruit… or cake, or juice, or candy….*nom nom nom*

I can’t stop thinking about them. When they are used in a design, they’re so throwback, but still relevant and classy. And they’re a breeze to make! What is there not to love about them??

You realize I’m going to eventually make my own pineapple shawl pattern, right?? Yesssssss…. it will be my first major pattern. Should be an interesting journey in any case.

I need to do some research and study pineapple formations. I think I have a grasp on how to start a top down or a bottom up shawl with pineapples; just gotta look into how different pineapples are formed and such.

Luckily I have quite a bit of research material at hand; more than I thought I’d be able to find, actually 😛

NaCroMo, Bitches!

In case ya didn’t already know, March is officially National Crochet Month!

Did you also know I have designed three different amigurumi patterns? You can find them here on the blog; just click on the tag for Patterns or Amigurumi (too lazy to link them here lol) 😛  

To celebrate, I started another shawl featuring the pineapple stitch! I’m working it in lace weight with a size E hook. It’s probably going to take me most of the month to finish it, as I’ve only been hooking at home. *smirks*

My progress as of Monday night. In case you’re wondering, the yarn is Fleece Artist Saldanha in “Blush”. I bought it online back in ’10 on sale at Little Knits. As an aside, I used to shop there a lot, but they dicked me on shipping the last time I did + held up my order for a week. Not too pleased with them anymore.   

The Golden Pineapple shawl, as it was named by the blogger, is an easy pattern. It’s chart only, so if you don’t know how to read a crochet chart you’ll have a hard time with it. If I feel ambitious enough (>__>) I may write the pattern out and/or rechart it. I can see how some might be intimidated by it, and there are some slight errors with it. Also, I made a couple of slight tweaks that made sense. I think I may do it, in the spirit of NatCroMo! I bought some knitting and crochet fonts on sale on a typography site; I thought they might have come in handy one day! We will see how well they work, and if I can even make a chart with them… if not, I might have to, um, procure some sort of software to do it.

Charting fascinates me.  What I like about crochet charts is this: most of the time, the symbols used look like the stitches required, which makes it automatic (almost mindless!) to follow. They also flow organically, and repeats are easier to follow as a result. Most knitting charts mystify the hell outta me. Straight row charts I can read, but I have to put some serious thought into it. Lace charts scare the bejesus out of me, and is honestly the one thing holding me back from starting my lace knitting odyssey…but that is a post for another day, I suppose.

I want to finish at least one more crochet project (probably another shawl…) and start a blanket to get rid of the Red Heart I have lurking around my room this month (I have a 30 gal storage tub full…).

More NatCroMo updates soon (hopefully :P)

Curaçao do Arco-Iris Shawl

I am currently obsessed with shawls. Again.

I noticed something. After a break-up, I always get obsessed with scarves and shawls. I guess it makes sense, in a way. Something to warm my cold, lonely heart or some shit right? :/

Well, lemme back track a bit.

In the past three weeks I:

  • sprained my knee on my way to work (long story…)
  • missed three weeks of work, 1.5 because of said knee (*sadface* no tengo moneh…)
  • dumped the boyfriend (boo, hiss)
  • got a promotion (oh fuck yeah!)
  • got a fully paid 4 night, five day vacation to Miami (yayyyyyy wooo hooo!)
Busy? Oh yeah. Drama llama and I are close friends, if you couldn’t tell *eyeroll* 
Knitting has been sporadic, to say the least. I couldn’t concentrate enough to work on my Mitts of Awesome (aka my fair isle mittens, which I am contemplating frogging :/), and totally flaked on a KAL (*sighs*). I started a shawl the week I was home for my knee (this one) but it’s tedious as fuck. I am still working on the fucking ruffle -___- I will attempt to finish it this weekend >___> but I may just start a sweater for my sister. Her birthday is coming up, and I promised her a sweater ages ago…she’s pretty skinny, so I should be able to finish it in two weeks (right? Maybe? It’s worsted wt on #8’s… I think I can swing it :P)
So. The promotion…. no more customer service for me! I am now the head of Marketing and Social Media…. and other assorted things that don’t fit into the title. I am overjoyed! No more dumb ass customers to ruin my day yayyyyyy! To celebrate this, I was given a vacation, so I can go into my new position “refreshed with a new outlook on blahblablah”.
Worked for me.
But as these things always go for me, the weather was abysmal in Miami. I only did maybe 1 1/2 days of actual sightseeing, The rest of the time, I was holed up in my room crocheting, or wandering around South Miami looking for a new place to eat 😛 Luckily I packed a project I knew would be time consuming. I didn’t expect to finish it there, but I basically did XD

This is the Blue Curacao shawl by Doris Chan, a famous designer in the crochet world. I greatly admire her patterns…. though this one was written kinda shittily. I will forgive her… though the written directions had me ripping out my hair -___- Good thing I know how to read crochet charts or I would have been kinda fucked and SOL. I actually bought the book just for this pattern. I never do that…but its so awesome. I bought the book a couple of years ago, but I never could find the right yarn or have the quantity on hand to make this. Also, I have been looking for an awesome shawl pattern for the yarn used. How funny that I should come across this pattern and see people have used Kauni to make it? I will admit I was originally going to knit a shawl using the yarn >__>

OK, great. Picture time!
The beginning. Ugly right?

Looking better…

Halfway into the second pineapple repeat.

starting the third repeat.

Voila! I still need to block it though.
Isn’t it gorgeous??!?? Squeeee ^_____^

It’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever made, hands down. I fucking love it, and I plan on living in it ^___^

It took me about 3 days to finish it, as I stared it Monday evening, and finished it Friday, I didn’t work on it on Wednesday 😛

I used Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn in the EQ / Rainbow colorway. I used all but 8g of the skein, and I was 4 rows away from finishing. I added an extra pineapple repeat because I feared it wouldn’t be as long as I’d like. I thought I would have had enough to finish, but alas! I was wrong. Good thing this is crocheted, and not knitted… at least I can always go back and finish it if I want to one day…. though it looks pretty swell as is. I have to block it this weekend…. and soak it in hair conditioner, as this yarn is not very soft. I am now officially obsessed with crocheted shawls and PINEAPPLES! Yeah! 😀 Must find another pineapple shawl pattern to do 😛

I have a new ami in the works as well! I think I will make a new pattern out of it. Stay tuned.

Cutie Cupcake

Mmm, Deelicious!

The pattern… as is. I have several people testing it. If you find anything wrong, please let me know 🙂

You can find the pattern on 4Shared, or on Ravelry.

Due to the FPHDC stitch featured, I would rate this advanced beginner/lower intermediate…. If you’re an adventurous beginner, you can do this! It’s not as hard as it looks, promise!

Happy Hooking!

Creative Commons License
Cutie Cupcake by Deena White is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.