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SSK, K2tog TBL… Same Difference… Right?

This is actually k2tog. SO what?? 😛

This is an expanded version of a post I shared on the Plus today.

As someone who is by default a combination knitter, I always though k2tog was knitting two stitches through the back loop but when I learned continental, I found out this was really a SSK.

Oops >__>

I know better now, in any case. Heh heh.

When I do ssk, I knit two together through the back loop. No multiple steps or knitting with the left needle (?!?). It is exactly the same as slipping two stitches knitwise etc… you get the same result in the end: a left leaning decrease. It’s way easier than the way English knitters are taught but with less steps and less frustration. I told my English knitting friend this method and she thanks me for it still.

I do have to add that I only knit continental in the round and when I’m doing (say) gusset decreases on a sock, I usually knit the stitches that need to be SSK through the back loop to make them look neater. Why? I tried doing the standard way of SSK and it never looks neat enough to me. I also tried it without knitting the stitches tbl, but it looks only a little neater than the standard SSK.

When knitting flat, I knit tbl by default so my usual SSK is a non-issue for me.

Back to my original point: I decided to look up different ways to SSK.

Knitting Help has a few different ways to make a left leaning decrease:

I learned a new way of doing SSK and realized one of the ways they listed is pretty common in lace patterns and can also be used. They say my way creates a zig-zag, but if you knit the two stitches tbl on the row before (in the round, that is… if knitting flat and you’re not a combo knitter, I suggest purling tbl for those stitches…) it doesn’t look zig zaggy. Alternatively, you can use slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over (sl1, k1, psso)… definitely easy to do and looks way better too! I’ve noticed it in a lot of lace patterns I’ve done. Where have you been all my (knitting) life??!?? XD I might start using sl1, k1, psso to replace SSK more often! 😀
Hopefully this post will help someone out. In the end, as long as you make a decrease that slants in the direction you want, it really shouldn’t matter too much. 
I promise not to tell the Knitting Police on you 😉

Naughty, Naughty Me (An Update of Sorts)

Jeeeeez, it’s been exactly two months since my last post!

And what excuse do I have?? NONE.

I’m unemployed atm, and have had nothing but time. But time is a tricky mistress. When you think you have more than enough… You don’t.

I’ve done soooo much since my last crafty post. Which was in April XD

I suck, I knowwww D:

First, let’s revisit my Knitolutions, shall we?

Knitolutions 2012

  • Knit at least one lace shawl – I made TWO!
  • Knit a project with beads  – Check!
  • Learn how to read lace knitting charts – Check!
  • Do more advanced Colorwork – still working on those mittens from October LOL
  • Make at least one sweater this year – I am almost done with one, and going to finish up another one that had been luring around since last year….
  • Make at least 6 pairs of socks – two down, working on another pair right now…
  • Use up my worsted/chunky yarn stash – hasn’t happened yet. I have been working on my fingering wt. stash though… 😛
  • Finish at least two projects a month, or 24 total for the year – Finished 19 projects so far! Yayyy 😀
  • Replace inferior accouterments with better ones – well….not having a job puts a damper on this one. I need a new ball winder, yarn swift, and I want a set of Knitter’s Pride 16″ interchangeables. *le sigh*
  • Crochet more -check! I have crocheted more so far this year than I did last year… amigurumi not included lol
  • Make an Afghan or blanket with all the crappy red heart I still guiltily hoard. – I’m still working on my blanket. I decided to just finish up the colors I started and be done with it. Ugh.
In other news, I have also been on a baby knit kick! I have a nephew due in October, and I have been making things for him. 

Tell me these aren’t the cutest lil socks you ever seen??!?? 😀

I thought I would make the critter something with colorwork 😛

I am also working on a blanket, this pattern to be specific. I will show you my progress to date, but I won’t say anymore about this shitty ass waste of my life blood pattern. I plan on making a whole post about it when I finish it this week.

Progress… was slow and steady, now erratic and frantic as FUCK. It’s to be done by Friday 8/24 D:

So yeah. I have a shitton of progress to report, but I don’t want this post to become more epic than it already is, so later this week I’ll share more of what I was doing instead of blogging I’ve been working on in the past few months *ahem*, or you can check out my FOs on Ravelry if you have an account and just cannot wait 😛

I have a bunch of all new YRSTS’s in store for you (yes, I haven;t forgotten about it! I have been keeping tabs on offensive patterns lol), as well as some super especial crochet-centric posts coming up soon! I’ll make more of an effort to post more, I promise!! 😛

Knitolution 2012 Progress and Other Updates

Well, it is the beginning of April. The end of  Q1 2012 has gone.

Time to review my knitolution progress!

My knitolutions were:

  • Knit at least one lace shawl 
  • Knit a project with beads 
  • Learn how to read lace knitting charts
  • Do more advanced Colorwork – still working on this LOL
  • Make at least one sweater this year – about to CO tonight yayyyy
  • Make at least 6 pairs of socks – made 1 3/4 pairs so far 😛
  • Use up my worsted/chunky yarn stash 
  • Finish at least two projects a month, or 24 total for the year – Finished 8 projects so far
  • Replace inferior accouterments With better ones 
  • Crochet more -check!
  • Make an Afghan or blanket with all the crappy red heart I still guiltily hoard. – I am halfway done with my blanket of awesome! Woot!

So not too shabby.

I plan on killing the first three on my list in one… going to make a lace shawl with beads, using a chart only pattern–this one to be exact.  I have the yarn and beads already. I plan on starting it sometime next month, but we will see how it goes.

I am on a shawl/scarf craze atm.

The colors were a bit odd, but I like the finished product. I plan to block the garter st section aggressively.

I just finished another TGV (above) and cast on a Pogona this morning in the nummiest awesomes yarn EVAH. (Dancing Leaf Hip Hop)

I am loving this pattern so far! Not surprising, it is a Stephen West pattern after all ❤

I have been a very good girl so far this year. So much, in fact, I bought myself a little treat because, why the fuck not?
Squee! is one of the best places I have ever ordered yarn from. I placed the order on Thursday evening, and it shipped out (FREE!!) Priority Mail on Friday, and I got it at work yesterday. I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow at the earliest. The owner even hand wrote a thanks on my invoice and I got a free bumper sticker 😀 [it’s on my laptop, since I no haz car]. The yarn, in case you’re wondering, is Handmaiden’s Mini Maiden in Cezanne. I realized this is the second skein of yarn I have bought with an artist’s name as the colorway 😛 It is like Malabrigo Silky, but fingering weight. It will be a shawl; I would never make socks from something so fine.

Better yarn picture 😛

I have much more to speak of. This has already become sort of a mishmash of shit, so I think I will continue with another post later. 

Shit Knitters Say

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there is an explosion of videos titled “Shit ______ Say” all over the interweb. We knitters have one too! 

The folks at WEBS (besides having America’s largest yarn store) are sooo badass for making this.
I thought it was clever and mostly accurate, but I think they missed some things:
  • Have you seen the newest Knitty? ZOMG I want to make all the things!
  • Ugh, the new Knitty has some crappy patterns… who approved these patterns?
  • I spend so much time on Ravelry I never get enough knitting done!
  • *browses Ravelry forums for five hours* All this fighting. Tsk tsk. These people need to STFU and knit more.
  • Ravelry is better than Facebook.
  • Ravelry isn’t anything LIKE Facebook! How dare you say such a thing??!??
  • I follow 208458966 different knitting blogs! They are all so innovative!
  • *after looking at 25 or so knitting blogs* No one makes anything original anymore…
  • Malabrigo/Madelinetosh/[insert fave yarn brand here] has a new yarn line out! I am so gonna buy some.
  • Wollmeise is going up for sale online at 3am! I know I have to be up for work/school, but I’ll die if I don’t get a skein, even if it’s in a shitty color I know I won’t like and will never use.
  • What? That yarn is $65 a skein…??!?? Is it made from the fine ass hairs of a yak or what?
  • 100% Cashmere for $65 a skein?? What a bargain!
  • I think I might not eat lunch for a few days. I need that yarn in my stash so I can not use it for two years.
  • I am waiting for a sale at [insert fave yarn shop here] before I buy anymore yarn.
  • OK, so I totally just bought $100 worth of yarn online… there was a free shipping promotion! 😀
  • I went on Knit Picks to get one skein of $10 sock yarn… I end up with $56 worth of stuff. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya.
  • *looks at stash* I don’t even know what the fuck I have anymore.
  • *looks at stash* I think I should destash some of this….but I might need it one day!
  • *looks at stash* I think I can squeeze a few more skeins in here after all! 😀
  • *looks at stash* I think I need a new apartment/house/storage unit.
  • Lace knitting? Oh fuck no, that shit looks hard.
  • Did you see the new Vogue Knitting? That lace shawl featured is so gorgeous, I am totally gonna make it.
  • What? You BOUGHT that hat?!??? I could have totally made that. In a better color and better yarn.
  • Why do you non knitters keep bugging me to make you shit?? Go away.
  • Can I use you as a model for my FO?
  • Um, no, this is for me.  I’ll make you one for *mumbles*….
  • *gets acrylic yarn as a gift from a non knitter* Gee, thanks for the yarn….>___>
  • Acrylic yarn? Charity knitting!
  • *adds 38475 things to Ravelry queue on 1/1* I am so gonna make all of these this year!
  • (On 12/30) I only made 3 things this year *hangs head*
  • I am gonna make a sweater this year!
  • That sweater I was making? I put it down weeks ago… I got bored of it and made some socks instead.
  • Socks are so portable and easy. Sock knitting rocks!
  • *attempts to make socks and fails miserably* Sock knitting sucks balls -__-
That’s all I got for now XD

You’re Really Selling This Shit? #1

(Ravelry link above and more ahead… if you don’t have an account and you knit/crochet… you need one, like yesterday. Awesome site!! You’ll see why in a bit…)

I don’t wanna stir the pot too much, so I used this pic of tea and cookies in lieu of the pattern’s FO. Mmm.
I saw this pattern as an ad in my Ravelry Notebook. I though, oh it looks cute, I’m gonna check it out. Looks cute…. WTF $2??? O__o 
No no no.
It is simply reverse stockinette (purl all rows in the round or RS p, WS k flat) stripes with 2×2 ribbing at the wrist and top. Nothing remotely difficult, or out of the ordinary about this pattern that warrants the $2 price tag. 
Want a comparable pattern? It took me all of one minute using Ravelry’s advanced search function to find 47 free striped fingerless mitt patterns using DK or worsted yarn (really! You’re welcome). This pattern looks the most similar…but really, you can choose any one and just do reverse st st and change colors every two rows and add ribbing to the cuff, top, and the thumbs.
Voila! I just saved you $2.
Happy Knitting 🙂
*pops some popcorn and waits for angry “designers” to flood her comments*

RANT: Y U Charge For This Pattern??!?? -__-

Time and time again, I come across a nice little pattern for something simple as fuck… and the designer wants to charge for it.

I’m sick and tired of this shit.

Don’t get me wrong, as someone who makes up their own shit, I know a lot of work can go into making a pattern. BUT there is some shit I see on Ravelry and online and I scratch my head and say really? You’re really charging for this shit?

So! I decided to make this a regular topic here at Pancraftuality. Why not? I want people to be aware of these offending patterns and avoid them like the plague. I will only post things that I feel can be reverse engineered by any n00b with a hook/needles just by looking at it, or have sufficient know-how about the main techniques used. I know I can’t speak for everyone in the Ravelry world, but what I love about our community is:

  • the willingness of people to help complete strangers
  • the depth and breadth of available FREE information and resources
  • the free flow of said information and resources
  • the support and empathy of the community at large

Charging for a pattern to make a fucking 2×2 ribbed hat destroys all of this for me.

Why? Why be so fucking greedy? If you make a 2×2 ribbed hat with snaking cables and bobbles and all sorts of madness? Fine—you worked hard on it, and I wouldn’t give a second glance to your selling the pattern (although I will bitch about you charging $10 for the pattern, but I digress. That is another topic for another day…).

I will say this before I start: I understand I am gonna piss a lot of people off with this. My aim in doing this is to let y’all know that there are people who will not stand for being charged for something that can be easily reverse engineered. I am not saying designers shouldn’t be compensated for their hard work. Quite the contrary, actually. There are many designs (i.e sweaters, lace, and colorwork) that have to be extensively tested, charted, etc.—–I don’t mind paying for these things. As a matter of fact, I am proud to support these amazing designers and am happy they decided to share these things with us at reasonable cost. However, the designers who

  • make a  blah blah blah that someone can make in their first attempt at knitting/crochet EVER
  • take a stitch from a book or website and make it into something without any modifications whatsoever
  • blatantly rip off a FREELY AVAILABLE PATTERN and make one (if any) changes
should be ashamed of themselves. I will call you out on your shit. Fuck that noise! XD
There are so many designers who put in real time and effort on shit way more advanced, intricate, and gorgeous…and they offer their patterns FOR FREE. So who are you to charge me for a pattern of striped reverse stockinette mittens??!?? -____-
Not only will I post offending patterns; if I can, I will either attempt to reverse engineer it myself, find a corresponding free pattern, or tell you how it is most likely done. I’ll do the pattern that set me off today in a separate post.

RROU #2: Expanding My Knitting Repertoire

(if you hadn’t guessed what the acronym in the title means….Really, Really Overdue Update, like my last post’s title. You will see this again, I almost guarantee it :P)

So your girl branched out and tried new things last year.

I didn’t set lofty goals last year (well, ok I kinda did). I wanted to do the following:

  • learn fair isle/stranded knitting
  • make a pair of knitted socks
  • do at least one project a month
I did all of the above and then some! I made two pairs of knitted socks, I learned stranded knitting, and I did over 20 projects last year! Woot! I am a fucking machine! As a bonus, I also learned double knitting. I have been busy as a beaver since October with my newly acquired skills ^___^ 
Petrina thought since I got a boyfriend my knitting frenzy would taper off… WRONG! I have been knitting pretty much every day (if not every other day) since getting into my current relationship. He likes the fact I’m so crafty (especially since he has and will continue to benefit from my obsession haha). 
Actually, I have him to thank for my learning both stranded knitting and DK. I started a scarf for him using the method (I have to finish it, so I won’t be showing that off until it’s done… sorry Adam XD), and I attempted a hat that came out wayyy too small, so I frogged it.
It came out great, though.
And thus another obsession was born…
As a person, I go through phrases of manic obsession with things, and then I jump like a flea in a kennel to other things, and other things… it’s the reason I am so well rounded knit-wise I think. I never forget what I learn, since I’ll spend weeks doing one skill set or set of things. 
Yayyyy me! 😀
Of course, you had to know there would be pictures right? I am a show-offy hoar. There will be many pictures:
Jeck Socks # 1
Jeck #2
Just a simple ass hat knit with Noro Kureyon sock…. modeled by my bf. I’m just showing him off, really XD
My first stranded knitting attempt. Not too shabby, right? 😛
Made this for Adam. Looks awesome right?? It came out too long for him though 😦
I used one of the fair isle charts from the first failed attempt hat above to do this one. It came out so awesomely ❤

And yes, I did all of these in the time since I last posted… with another 5 or 6 projects in between XD

I hope you appreciate all the pictures… Blogger’s back end was being really cunty and I was frustrated trying to make them line up 2×2. Fuck it, I gave up.

I’ve done more projects than these… but these pertain to shit I wanted to get done this year, so I didn’t wanna pic SPAM too much XD. If you’re on Ravelry, you can check out my WIPs, FO, and my semi-massive stash! My username is (surprise) DeelishDiscordia 🙂

I have one more RROU  for you before we get back to our regularly scheduled blah blah blah 😛

Entrelac? Enchante!

(I love alliteration… couldn’t you tell??)

I’ve become obsessed with entrelac and lace. I was afraid to try either of these for a long time, but I got over myself. Like most things in life, they looked hard until I figured it out…now I’m obsessed! Madness, I know 😛

Yes, I’m still working on Wisp. I’m ~80% done with it. I hope to finish it before July starts. I wonder if I can just use one skein of Parisienne to do so… I reckon I’m cutting it close already. But the tiny ball (hehe) has impressed me so far. I have 6 repeats left! Can I make it??!?? *dun dun dun*

I’ve just been slacking lately.

My life has felt lackluster… I’m so fed up of my yob (job) and my life in general… so I decided I’m going back to school! Yes, it’s true…. I don’t wanna be stuck at a dead end job for the rest of my life, so it’s back to hitting the books for me.

Enough about that! Pictures of my first entrelac project:

My First Entrelac project

These are the base triangles.

My First Entrelac project

This is tier 1 - left side triangle and middle right slanting diamonds.

My First Entrelac project

Tier 1 - right side triangle

My First Entrelac project

The beginning of Tier 2 - first left slanting diamond completed

My First Entrelac project

Tier 2 - two left slanting diamonds done!! 😀

I’m using di.Vé Teseo (rav link) and US9 needles… and I;m glad I didn’t use the recommended needle size on the label. I’m using needles a size down and it’s still a bit loose. I dunno if that’s good or bad… * shrugs*

I’m using the Entrelac Scarf Tutorial by KnittyOtter. It’s a great tutorial… however the way certain things were worded were a bit hazy. Whenever she says “pick up and knit x stitches along the selvedge edge of the next triangle/diamond. It took me a while to figure out it’s not the one next to the one you’re working; you pick up stitches from the *bottom or side*.  Also, the first time I attempted to pick up and knit the stitches, I always came out on the wrong side of where I was supposed to be… I literally knit them after I pick them up, one at a time. Other than that, it was easy to follow. I’ll be making more entrelac things in the future 🙂

In other fiber news, I’ve joined up with the Rubberneckers on Ravelry for the annual Tour de Fleece. We’ll be spinning along with the bikers of the Tour De France. We’ll spin everyday the tour is running, with two dedicated rest days, and a challenge day. I’m looking for ward to it, as I haven;t been spinning much lately. It’ll help reduce my fiber stash, add more lovely yarn to my yarn stash, and give me an excuse to buy more fiber 😉

My friend Bonnie was kind enough to give me a $30 gift certificate to buy more roving for the TdF 😀

It was the best birthday present I got this year… well, pretty much the only gift I got 😛

More updates on (the hopefully finished) Wisp and the entrelac tutorial by Friday. Soon I’ll be able to start that entrelac hat pattern by Nangelini! I already have the two skeins of Noro Silk garden and all of the accouterments necessary to start it. Squee! ❤

Yes, I AM Still Working on Wisp!

Yes, it’s slow going! I hope to finish it before July…

2010-06-14 16.29.01

I'm about halfway done. I have 7 out of 15 pattern repeats done 😛

I got a lot of compliments on it when I went out to the Brooklyn Central Library for World Wide Knit in Public Day. It was a nice little gathering… I ended up signing up for the newly forming Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild. There was a raffle and I won a prize! I won this:


Which I had on my BOMC2 queue to get next month!! 😀 I was so happy… I never win anything in raffles ❤

I’ve made some more ice creams; I’ve made a chocolate and a strawberry to keep the vanilla company 😛 I’ll take pictures soon. I have to start making some more. So many things to do… it feels so overwhelming sometimes. I just want to make myself things, and to hell with selling stuff… not the best mentality to have…but I iz lazy 😛

I have been neglecting my shop! I haven’t made anymore earrings or bracelets. I must do that this week… just not today or Wednesday.  Wednesday is mah birthday!! But I’m broke, so I didn’t go overload on yummy yarn this year 😦 Maybe next paycheck… but I have so much yarn right now, it;s a non-issue. I have more yarn than projects I wanna do 😛

I might start either an entrelac tutorial, or [fiiinallllyyyyy!] the Blue Curacao shawl tonight… I’ll see how I feel. Come July, I’ll be doing the Tour de Fleece, so I won’t be knitting at home much, if at all [I will have a To-Go project of some sort, dunno what yet…]. I suppose I’ll be starting entrelac, then… and I guess that can be my To-Go project for July… but I have so many more yummy projects I wanna do *wails*

I’m too damn decisive for my own damn good :/