Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and ManiMatch Launch

Hey Dolls!

You may or may not know (prolly not…) but I’m a certified nail technician! I graduated from nail school last June (right after my 29th birthday!) and have been doing freelance nails since then. If you’re in NYC, I am available for a variety of nail services through my StyleSeat and through the Priv app (on Android and iPhones) 😀 /shamless plug

Last week (9/18-9/20) I had the privilege to work with world-famous Sally Hansen here in NYC for their new Mani Match app launch! (You can check out the Mani Match app here… only on iPhones right now…boo). I was one of 14 manicurists they hired to give manis away to celebrate their launch! I won’t lie to you… it was exhausting as fuck (I did about 100 express manicures last weekend and had to stand while I painted nails *sweatdrop*), but I met a lot of cool people and had the opportunity to work with a team of talented nail techs! 😀

Here are some of my favorite manis I painted and clients from the launch: Continue reading


Nail Art Makes its 21st Century Debut!

via technology! – GIF on Imgur.

HOLY SHIT!!! This is amazing!!!

But damn, if this shit gets to be cheap enough, there might be a steep decline in the demand for good nail artists, so (this being my bred n’ buttah) I am kinda worried :-/

…but then again, maybe not.

You gotta wonder why they failed so hard to really catch on. If something related to nails and nail art doesn’t hit it big in Japan or South Korea, you know there must be a reason.

Would you buy a nail art printer?

[Thanks to a private share on Google+ for the heads up!]

NOTD: Crazy Pink Skittles Nails

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Here’s my latest NOTD! 😀

I’ve been using regular polish again lately… which is surprising to me, because in the past year or so I’ve grown to prefer gel polish. It’s really a risky endeavour for me to use regular polish because as a nail tech I always end up messing them up quickly XD But nonetheless, I have decided to go back to regular polish for a while, and perhaps I can find a way to not fuck ’em up 😛

I love Skittles Nails. I couldn’t decide what to do so I did all the things; pond mani, stripes/chevrons, textured polish, a jelly sandwich and a glitter gradient. Continue reading