Discordian Documents

Looking for Discordian documents, or just curious in general about it?

I have here for you some high, holy Documents….I have steadily collected them over time. I’m not the original author of any of it, but I thought I might share it just because I can.

Any questions? Leave a comment đŸ™‚

The Principia Discordia:The Holey Book of Discordianism. read it, learn it, live it…or not. Whatever, I don’t care.

Apocryphia Discordia: A book that may or may not exist…

The Zenarchist Cookbook: No, it’s NOT that Cookbook….but it may be just as bizarre, grotesque, and just plain ass weird.

Are YOU a Pope?: The Official handout that tells you once and for all the REAL truth!

The Facts: The facts. Plain and Simple from people who don’t give a fuck…


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Thanks for the love <3

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