Curly Girl Method Mini Haul

In the midst of my latest hair upheaval, I decided to try the Curly Girl MethodΒ on my hair. I did hours and hours of research (I even made a Pinterest board for it XD), and it seems simple enough:

  • No shampoo
  • co-washing (conditioner washing)
  • No sulfates or silicones
  • no brushing hair

Sounds good to me… I don’t like the “squeaky clean” feeling after shampooing anyway. As my hair is dehydrated and thirsty, this seemed like just the ticket! Continue reading


2NE1 – I Am the Best

Ahhh OMG I am sooooo obsessed with this song. It has been my ringtone for like 4 months XD

I love this group; they are gorgeous, but they don’t need to flash Tits & Ass to be fabulous. You have to respect that in these modern times πŸ˜›

I’ve been listening to K-Pop (and Asian Pop in general) for a long time (since high school! I lurve you BoA!!!)… It started with my love of Japanese manga and anime and spiraled out from there. Now that I’ve gotten into AB this year, I have been listening to way more K-pop, so expect to see it a lot more now πŸ˜‰

Now I just need to repeat this to myself when I feel like I’m not good enough.

TonyMoly Hello Sheep Mask Sheet

Hey dolls! This is the mask from the first day of theΒ  Soko Glam challenge! Finally! Yayyy XD

This is a mask from my bae, TonyMoly. I got it on eBay for $3.98 (!!) with free shipping. Kinda pricey for ONE mask, I know… but–but—it was a cute sheep! Can you blame me?? XD I bought this mask months ago and never used it… it was next up in my queue, so here it is!

sheep kawaii

This was too fucking cute not to use!

Continue reading

Nail Art Makes its 21st Century Debut!

via technology! – GIF on Imgur.

HOLY SHIT!!! This is amazing!!!

But damn, if this shit gets to be cheap enough, there might be a steep decline in the demand for good nail artists, so (this being my bred n’ buttah) I am kinda worried :-/

…but then again, maybe not.

You gotta wonder why they failed so hard to really catch on. If something related to nails and nail art doesn’t hit it big in Japan or South Korea, you know there must be a reason.

Would you buy a nail art printer?

[Thanks to a private share on Google+ for the heads up!]

NOTD: Crazy Pink Skittles Nails

15 - 1 (2)

Here’s my latest NOTD! πŸ˜€

I’ve been using regular polish again lately… which is surprising to me, because in the past year or so I’ve grown to prefer gel polish. It’s really a risky endeavour for me to use regular polish because as a nail tech I always end up messing them up quickly XD But nonetheless, I have decided to go back to regular polish for a while, and perhaps I can find a way to not fuck ’em up πŸ˜›

I love Skittles Nails. I couldn’t decide what to do so I did all the things; pond mani, stripes/chevrons, textured polish, a jelly sandwich and a glitter gradient. Continue reading

Whoop! Hair it is! Or, Why I Cut My Dreads

As a modern woman of African decent, I’ve pretty much done anything that could have been done to my hair:

  • Jherri curls (ugh, don’t ask….)
  • relaxers
  • human hair and synthetic braid extensions
  • weaves
  • cornrows
  • wigs
  • afro puffs
  • bantu knots
  • colored, bleached, textured
  • hot combed, flat ironed

Been there, done that…got a fucking t-shirt and a keychain.

In October of 2012 I decided to do what I considered to be the final frontier of black hair:

Dreadlocks. Continue reading

#Soko7daychallenge Day 3: Red Red Wine Make Me Feel so Fine

Here’s my entry for Day 3 of the challenge! I made it three days in a row—go me! XD

This mask is one of my favorites, the TonyMoly ‘I’m Real’ red wine mask! This is the first TM mask I ever used/reviewed and it’s still my favorite one from them so far! ❀

I really do ❀

SO where the fuck is yesterday’s review?!?Β I know, I know,,, I am halfway done with the review of yesterday’s mask,.,., it will go live tonight! Might be a little late… I’m currently in the middle of doing something I may or may not regret tomorrow Β XD (you’ll see soon enough…).



#Soko7daychallenge Day 2: Not Baaad

Hey beauties! Here’s my maskie for the second day in the Soko Glam 7 Day Challenge! ❀

I couldn’t resist using Hello Kitty Year of the Sheep stickers… it was fitting (the mask being a limited edition for the Chinese astrological Year of the Sheep and all…); plus, Hello Kitty XD If you didn’t know, I looove HK. I have loads of stuff, and even a tattoo of her! πŸ˜›

Year of the Sheep = lanolin being used in the mask, in case you were wondering if there was a connection somehow XD

Remember, if you want to play along just use a sheet mask everyday for a week, take a maskie, and use the hashtag in the title on Twitter, Instagram, or FB.

Look for the review for this mask later XD



My Scheming Rose Dew Moisturizing Mask

Hello lovelies! Today’s review is the mask from Day 1 of the Soko Glam’s 7 Day Challenge! Wooo!

This mask is from My Scheming, a Taiwanese brand, Rumor has it that they’re made by the same manufacturer that makes My Beauty Diary, but I cannot corroborate that for sure XD I got a box of ten from Amazon for $15 with free shipping, which makes it about $1.50 a mask—not bad at all. It’s from the only seller in the US licensed to sell this brand in the US. I got it lightning fast (they’re located in NJ). Man, The packaging is so fucking cute on these masks!!

I was squeeing like an otaku when I got it, I tell ya XD

Continue reading

Soko Glam Seven Day Challenge Day 1

Since Chel over at the Holy Snails! blog challenged me to the Soko Glam 7 Day Challenge on Instagram, I figured I’d share the resulting selfies on here, because relevant, right??

SO how does it work? Simple. You use a sheet mask for 7 days straight, take a selfie maskie, and tag it with #soko7daychallenge on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Ta-da!

Seriously, it’s that easy…

This is what I do anyway (minus the flood of maskies anyway), so I figured it would be fun to play along with the other AB honies on IG πŸ˜›

The plan is this: for the next seven days (including today, duh), I will post my selfie from the challenge and that should (hopefully XD) be followed by a full review for the mask in another post (if it doesn’t exist already…I might use some of my faves I’ve reviewed already).

Stay tuned for the review in a couple of hours!

I challenge YOU to the SG challenge! Do eeet! I’m following the hashtag on IG πŸ˜›