Nellie McKay – David

I heard this song when I was attempting to watch Weeds (I couldn’t get into it :/).

I fell in love with the song, and I actually bought (yes, I actually paid for music XD) the album this song is on, Get Away From Me. It’s really great! I love her eclectic sound (lil bit of jazz, pop …even some disco!) but what made me love this song is the old school Doris Day feel it has, in great contrast to the lyrics.

Check out the rest of this album if you like this song… you might be able to find it on the YouTube. I’ll share a couple more songs from this album soon 😀


My Scheming Rose Dew Moisturizing Mask

Hello lovelies! Today’s review is the mask from Day 1 of the Soko Glam’s 7 Day Challenge! Wooo!

This mask is from My Scheming, a Taiwanese brand, Rumor has it that they’re made by the same manufacturer that makes My Beauty Diary, but I cannot corroborate that for sure XD I got a box of ten from Amazon for $15 with free shipping, which makes it about $1.50 a mask—not bad at all. It’s from the only seller in the US licensed to sell this brand in the US. I got it lightning fast (they’re located in NJ). Man, The packaging is so fucking cute on these masks!!

I was squeeing like an otaku when I got it, I tell ya XD

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Purederm Snail Cell Illuminating Multi Step Treatment

Hey dolls! Today’s mask is from Purederm, a Korean brand.

Hmm, this is the second mask from them I’m reviewing in as many weeks! I decided to do this mask because I didn’t see much buzz about it in the AB sphere… (aka none of my fave bloggers reviewed it yet XD). I also got this one from TesterKorea for 1,500 won, or $1.27 USD. Not bad, right? The other mask was kinda *yawn*, so I was hoping this one would be a bit more exciting, since it’s a special dual step mask and all 😀

How often do you see these kind of masks??

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My Beauty Diary Royal Jelly Mask

Hey there! Today’s mask is from My Beauty Diary, a Taiwanese brand. Yay! I love MBD masks! As you can see, I’ve reviewed a few already XD They’re a staple in my my mask collection… or they really fucking should be, in any case. I got this in a box of 10 from Amazon for $12.99. A pretty great deal, seeing as though Wally World has it for $13.75. Although, let me say again: still cannot believe fucking Walmart has any K-Beauty stuff! O_O
I’ve had these for awhile and have used a few. It just came back into my rotation when I realized I never reviewed it (!) I should have; it was the first MBD mask I ever used. I could barely wait to get it on my face, lemmetellya.
Much excite! Much awesome skin 😀

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Mizon King to the Kong No. 1 Moist King’s Berry Mask Sheet

Hello dolls! Today’s mask is from Mizon, a Korean brand. They are another one of my favorite Korean skin care brands… I cannot live without their Snail Repair line 😛 I got a pack of 7 for $9.99 on eBay (it’s cheaper now! Gah!). It was shipped directly from Korea. I bought a bunch of stuff from them. They gave me lots of samples, shipped fast; really awesome seller 😛

I’ve decided to drop the MOTD from the title. You get it; it’s the Mask of the Day. I pretty much only blog about masks, so I think we can all assume it’s the mask for whatever fucking day it is right? Plus, I am still tagging it appropriately, so you will still be able to find it under that 😉

Isn’t the packaging cute?? LOL I laughed so much when I saw it… besides the promising description, it was what made me buy it XD Peach and Lily said the following:

From Mizon’s King to the Kong Collection, this black chokeberry-infused sheet mask is formulated for all skin types. Chokeberry extract is packed with essential phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to brighten skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines. It also has 80x more anthocyanin than grapes, and 10x more catechins and tannins than green tea, which means your skin will be left more appearing more radiant and healthy. Antioxidants protect the skin from environmental factors and help to boost elasticity.

I was like WHAT?!?

When I saw this gif, I knew I had to use it, Plus, hot damn I needed a good mask XD

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MOTD: Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Aqua Mask Pack

Hola! Today’s mask is from Freeset, a Korean brand (cannot find anything about this company…my Google Fu has failed meee). I got this one in my June deluxe MaskGenie Pouch (which I didn’t review… boo to me, right? It was a great pouch too…). Apparently Memebox has ’em for $2!!! (WHAT I paid fucking $5 at the Club Clio store for my other one O_o)

Man, I have been very excited to try this mask! It’s loved by a lot of Korean Beauty bloggers, so I was totes excited to finally get one!!

Go meeee! XD

This is my second hydrogel mask ever. I really liked the first one I tried (from another brand…) and after all the buzz about this one, I was gung ho about trying it. I have been burned with some shitty masks lately, so it was high time to treat myself to something good. Yayyy! Totes excited, I tell ya.

Yippie! 😀

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MOTD: Dermal Platinum Collagen Essence Mask

‘Ello dolls! Today’s mask is from Dermal, a Korean brand.

They seem to be a hidden gem brand; I haven’t seen much buzz about them on the AB circuit, in any case. Which is a shame, really. I have tried a few of their masks so far, and they are always great! They need more AB love 😛

When I saw this mask all I could think was

I mean wow. Platinum on mah face? Sheeeeet, I don’t even own anything platinum! I wanted to feel like a rich bitch for once, so I was more than happy to use this mask last night 😀

Anywho, I bought this mask in a 16 piece multi pack on Amazon for $12 (with free shipping for Prime or for orders over $35), which comes out to $0.75 a piece! You know I love a good bargain! It’s one of the cheapest masks you can get in the States, it seems (assuming you’re buying in bulk anyway XD). I couldn’t find much about this mask on any website in English, sadly, so I typed up the package description:

It contains Colloidal platinum which absorbs into your skin very naturally also it is very effective for removing harmful active oxygen on the skin and keeps your tired skin all the more fresh and elastic all day long.

Vitamin E and Collagen–it provides your tired skin nutrition and makes your skin healthy and bright.

Whoa… you had me at platinum, baby!

Ok, that sounds fucking awesome. And the ingredients??

Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, hydrolyzed collagen, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, portulaca oleracea extract, colloidal platinum, betaglucan, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, polysorbate 80, disodium edta, xanthan gum, methylparaben, fragrance.

Hmm. It’s in the top 7 of the ingredients list, so I guess I won’t bitch about it. Why? A few reasons. This is a super cheap mask, so I would have been very suspicious if this had a high concentration of such (what I imagine to be) an expensive ingredient. Also, this line of mask clearly tell you in the title that this is a “platinum collagen” mask. I expected more collagen as a result.

So platinum in skincare, huh? Apparently it’s a very potent antioxidant. Antioxidants, (as we all know) are so important for our skin. They help reduce skin oxidation caused by UV rays and other environmental factors. So you want to ingest as many antioxidants as you can–both in food and skin products (note: I am not a doctor, ok? XD). The mask also contains vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) and portulaca oleracea extract, which is a succulent that is chock full of vitamins, many of them being antioxidants in themselves.

Let me also give a shout out to collagen and aloe—

I see you. And I lurve you. 

Sounds great, right? Let’s see how well it did….


Mask 411: Kind of thick but well soaked in essence. Smells like a sheet mask :D,
Mask fit: Fits my whole face, mouth/eye holes were small.
Did it work as advertised? Yes!
Overall rating? This mask is awesome!!!

Mask details: This mask is kinda on the thick side, especially in comparison to in comparison to the Hey! Pinkgo Girl mask from yesterday. Wow, what a difference XD. For being such a thick mask, it was just dripping with essence!! It had a nice, non specific smell that I’ve come to associate with sheet masks.

Mask Fit: The mask fit me alright, although the eye and mouth holes were a little too small so I stretched them out a bit and it was fine. It covered my face from cheek-to-cheek so that was a major plus 🙂

First Impression:  This mask held up pretty well. It stayed wet for about 45 minutes before staring to dry at the edges. After taking it off, my face felt ahhmahhzing. Soft, wet, plump (heh…), just great. It took a few minutes for the essence to soak in (my face did not dry out…). I finished my routine, and went about my business.

Final thoughts: Well, my face looks and feels great today! My skin still feels soft and hydrated, even now! Yassssss! My skin has had it rough so far this summer, and now it seems to be back on track to awesome! Thanks Dermal mask!!

Woot woot! ❤

It just comes to show: sometimes you get more than you pay for. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s no good. The mask said it would leave my skin feeling fresh and elastic, and it delivered. What more can you ask for? I’m no mask snob: as long as it hasn’t been reported to burn anyone’s face off, I’ll try it XD 

I’m glad I took a gamble and ordered these. I will definitely be reordering another 16 pack when these start running low. They are a lifesaver to have around. Don’t get me wrong: this is no TonyMoly or MBD, but if you need a really decent sheet mask that will moisturize/hydrate and not break the bank, then this is the line for you, my dear.
Have you tried any Dermal masks? If so, what did you think? 
Until next mask,

MOTD: My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird’s Nest Mask

Hey dolls! Today’s mask is from My Beauty Diary. a Taiwanese company. They are a pretty popular mask company…they even sell them at Walmart!! (note to self: compare prices at Wally World vs Amazon XD).

I bought mine from Beauteque for $1.99. I actually got another one in my June Mask Maven pouch too *le sigh*. But you know what? MBD and TM dupes are allllllways welcome in my stash (they’re my two absolute fave mask companies) 😉

Anywho, according to Beauteque:

This mask provides the skin with nourishing and moisturizing nutrients. It moisturizes dry skin, feels soft and supple like a baby’s skin. The enhanced hydration meets the ultimate needs of the skin and nourishing. The combination of rare elements from the sky, the extraction of ‘Swiftlet’s nest’, and the extraction of deep-sea plant, ‘coralline’, with the reputation of ‘submarine bird’s nest’ gives the skin this superb gourmet feast. It deeply improves skin hydration, provides rich nourishment and energy, heals dry and expression fine lines, erases dullness and roughness, and makes skin translucent, tender and smooth.

*grabby hands* Give it to meeeeee

 I needed this… especially after Sunday’s shitty mask (I didn’t use a mask on Monday or Tuesday, I used a sleeping pack instead. I’ve been staying up late  and I was too tired to use a mask XD) My face really didn’t like that red ginseng mask, man… or it could just be the summer heat that have caused small colonies of little bumps on my cheeks and forehead T__T. I had high hopes for this mask. The last few MBD masks I’ve used have been awesome, so I was hoping this mask would deliver on (at least some…) of its promises. 

Now onto the featured ingredient: Bird’s Nest. 
Now, since getting into Asian Beauty I have put a lot of strange shit on my face (snail slime, namely…) but this one….. wow. This is essentially bird spit. And expensive as fuck, too. It is considered the caviar of the East, and for good reason. This can go for about $2,500 per kilogram in Asian countries O_O. I cannot seem to find any definitive studies about its efficacy in skin care, but man… many Asian people believe in it. They not only use it in skin products, they actually eat it.

Uhh, no thanks. But I will put it on my face ;P
This mask also features another ingredient, coralline. Coralline has many helpful properties, one of note is its anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe the skin, reduce redness and increase cellular cohesion. Interesting!
Enough nature talk: On to the review!
Mask 411: Thin, easy ripping, well soaked with a plastic backing. Smells nice 🙂
Mask fit: Oblong mask with weird slits all over. Fits my whole face though.
Did it work as advertised? YES
Overall rating? OMG I loved it!!! Totes amaze 😀

Mask details: Like most MBD masks I’ve tried, this mask had a light, floral scent. I must say I didn’t know what to expect it to smell like (bird spitttt XD)The mask is on the same level of thickness as a TM mask (very thin…), comes with a plastic backing, and it was dripping with essence! Although there was precious few drops left in the package, the plastic liner had lots of essence left on it so I did The Yoosh with it.
Mask Fit: I actually do not particularly care for the fit of MBD masks. They are kinda oblong, and with all the fucking notches on them, I inevitably ended up ripping it in at the chin T_T But it did cover my whole face, so there’s that.
First Impression:  Ohh man, this felt sooooo gooood on my face, especially after a long hot day. The mask stayed wet for over 45 minutes. I took it off finally so I can drink my beer properly XD  After taking it off, my face felt smooth and plump! It took a few minutes for the essence to soak in, then I finished my routine and went about my business.
Final thoughts: Well, my face feels fucking amazing today!!!!! ZOMG my bumps have started clearing up!!! In some places they are fucking GONE. My face still feels nicely hydrated and soooo soft. I cannot stop touching my face (and I prolly should XD). No kidding guys: this mask soothed my irritated skin and really helped hydrated it. These are important attributes for me, especially in the summer! Wooooo!
Would I repurchase this variety? Fuck yes. MBD masks are a great price (at usually ~$12-14 for a box of 10) and always deliver. I will never not have any MBD masks in my stash. They are a great brand through and through. I have another bird’s nest mask from MBD (they have three different kinds I think? LOL) so I will make sure to try that one next month. I also have one more of this Imperial BN mask too… methinks I am hoarding it for a day when I really need some Skin 911. 
Have you tried this MBD mask? What did you think about it? I’m curious to see if anyone else loved it as much as me 😛
Until next time.

MOTD: The Face Shop’s Real Nature Mango Seed Mask

Today I’m reviewing a mask from The Face Shop, which is a Korean brand. It’s another Korean brand that’s very popular here in the States. They have two retail stores that I know of in NYC; I actually picked this up from the one in Koreatown! The shop was tiny but packed with all sorts of skincare products, makeup, and OF COURSE sheet masks! The mask was $2 but they had a promotion that if you bought 10 masks you got 3 free so I happily obliged. I was with my BFF at the time, so I split them with her ❤

My Epic Zit War has been pretty much conquered at this point (huzzah!!!), but as a precaution against future breakouts I am still using Noxema 1x a day (at night), so these days I prefer masks with moisturizing/hydrating properties. As a result, I decided to use this particular mask because it promised deep moisturization… but mostly because it was mango (well, the seed anyway :P). I love mango! I love the fruit, mango flavored things, the way it smells, ALL THE MANGO THINGS XD

So why is it mango seed, and not the mango flesh (the yummy part!)?

Mango seed is known for being an excellent moisturizer chock full of vitamins. Mango seed oil also helps keeps your skin hydrated without being overly oily or greasy. What’s not to love about all that??

Let’s get on to the review, shall we?

It has English yayy! 😛

Mask details: The mask was made of 100% organic unbleached cotton (according to the packaging…and they were very adamant about it–it was the first line of English on the package XD). It was of average thickness, decently soaked in essence. It had a wonderful smell (not quite mango-ey, tbh, but very sweet smelling), such a 180 from yesterday’s mask -__-. I had enough to do The Yoosh (yayyy mango-ish smelling boobies! XD) 

Mask fit: It was the standard not-quite-right fit. I had to tear the eye holes and stretch the mouth hole for a comfortable fit. It stayed in place, but I was pretty stationary while wearing it, so I did not test its endurance in that respect.
First Impression: It felt awesome going on my face (after a stint of 2 hours in the fridge). I kept it on for 45 minutes, about the point when the edges started to dry and curl. When I took off the mask, my face was plump and dewy. It took a few minutes for the remaining essence to soak in, then I finished my routine and went about my business. 

Final thoughts: When I woke up today, my face was soooo soft and wonderful feeling. Even after washing my face with my Mizon Pore Clearing charcoal cleanser (it tends to be a little drying… but it gets results), my face didn’t feel squeaky! My skin still feels amazing! I love this mask!!! Viva la mango seed! 😀
Would I buy this again? Hell yeah! Getting it from the store in bulk might be OK if they still have that promotion, but I could just as easily order it through eBay or another online vendor and pay less per piece 😉
Until tomorrow’s sheetastic adventure,

MOTD: TonyMoly ‘I’m Real’ Red Wine Mask

That’s some fancy packaging, there.

Hello my darlings!

Today’s mask is the TonyMoly ‘I’m Real’ Red Wine Mask, which is made by TonyMoly, a Korean based company. This was also apart of my Awesome Haul post, which you can read more about pricing and where I bought it here. This is one of the more famous Korean skin care companies here in the States: they have two stores in NYC (I’ve been to one, it’s where I got this mask :D), plus you can find their shit on Sephora! Wowzers!

This mask’s featured ingredient is red wine, aka every reality TV housewife’s liquid gold XD

Red wine is a favorite skin indulgence for the nouveaux riche (it has spawned its own cult beauty ritual called vinotherapy!) but apparently they may be on to something… leave it to the rich people to think of wasting gallons of perfectly good booze to look younger *sigh*.

Anyway, according to Sephora, the mask description is as follows:

This sheet mask treatment is infused with real red wine extracts and rosemary to address enlarged pores while purifying, refining, and tightening skin. Perfect for troubled skin, it soothes the complexion with jasmine and green tea extracts for a refined complexion. Each mask features a three-layer durable cotton sheet for better absorption and deeper penetration of essence—resulting in a healthy-looking glow.

Interesting, But does it live up to the hype?? *dun dun dun*

On to the review!

Mostly in Korean, but there’s English too! I would think so, since you can buy this at Sephora…
Closeup of the English print.

Mask Details: This mask is made from cotton, It was thin and soaked with essence, There was enough left to rub on my neck and boobs 😛 Although thin, this mask was easy to peel apart and settled on my face nicely. It smelled faintly like sweet wine. I thought it was just my imagination, but I had Mr. A (my boyfriend) do a sniff test and asked him to guess what it was made with… he guessed correctly.

Mask Fit: This had a standard not-quite-right fit (like most masks so far…) but unlike my current favorite mask (Missha Honey Butter), this one did not cover my whole face. It stopped short about 1/2 in from my ears :/ It ripped at the mouth hole while I was chewing gum, so not a very hardy mask either 😦

First Impression: Despite all the frowns in the fit department, I really liked this mask. I kept it on for only a half hour though, as it started to dry out around the chin area. It did feel really nice on my face, and when I took it off, my face stayed nice and moist for about 5 or so minutes while the essence soaked in, I continued with my normal ritual (no sleeping pack last night lol) and went to bed.

Final Thoughts: When I looked in the mirror today, the pores that looked bigger than the fucking bathroom I was in (but seriously… I could count the ones on my forehead…) were noticeably smaller *whew*. Despite smelling like a desperate housewife for a half hour, it seemed to accomplish one of its claims: my pores look smaller. My skin feels nice and clean today too 😀 Would I buy this again?? FUCK YES but not from the TM store directly. I found a pack of 10 for less than $17 on Amazon, which works out to a little less than $1.70 a mask: less than half the price I paid at the retail store -__-

Learn form me kiddos: price check before you buy shit. I don’t really mind paying retail for the one I reviewed (as I went to the actual flagship store) but I will not make that mistake again with the “I’m Real” mask line, There’s also a multi pack of all 11 kinds on Amazon for less than $17 (totes jumped into my cart *shrug*). I have one more from this line that I bought at the same time, so look for the review of that one soon!

What will I use tonight??? So much fucking selection, I have no idea! 😛

Til tomorrow xoxoxo