More Money Masks?!? No Thanks, Beauteque

What fuckery is this, you might be wondering….
So I got this flyer via email from Beautequeย today.
Apparently no one has told them how much the money masks suck ass, so they are gonna have a special pouch featuring them next month!
OMG you actually want me to spend money on this bullshit?!??

Are you fucking serious?? Has no one really told them they’re terrible?? Well, I fixed that today on Instagram when they posted about it (very nicely too I thought)… I’ll let y’all know if they respond but don’t hold your breath XD


July Beauteque Mask Maven Pouch Unboxing

Hey lovelies! Today I am fiiiinally getting around to my July Mask Maven unboxing (unpouching?)!! ๐Ÿ˜€

It arrived quickly after they shipped it (since they shipped from NJ, I got it in two days) and I am quite excited to show you what’s inside!

To those who may not know,ย Mask Mavenย is a subscription service from Beauteque that sends 9 – 11 masks each month. It’s $15 plus $3.95 shipping a month, You can get a recurring subscription, in addition to buying individual monthly pouches. ย (Please note that since I exclusively review sheet masks on this blog, there will only be brief details on the masks received in the July pouch. More in depth reviews will follow in the weeks to come. So many masks, so little time…:P)

I got a three month subscription… this was the last month of my sub run. I was not overly thrilled with the June pouch tbh (I got three masks that I had already…boo). I didn’t get a chance to review last month’s pouch… mostly because I was away for most of June and didn’t get it until I came back in early July…but also because of laziness XD I will talk about it in another post, I promise! Anyway, this month I got a foot mask, an eye mask, and seven sheets masks.

Enough chatter! On to the good shit!

This month’s pouch is pink! ๐Ÿ˜€

The sub comes in a seemingly random colored organza bag every month. They seemed to have changed up their enclosed card for this and last month’s subs!

Sorry for the shitty photo XD

July’s Mask Maven Brings you closer to Asian culture. Opera masks are used in Chinese theatre to help determine the attributes of the theatrical character. Typically the Opera masks are painted on the actor’s faces and the SNP Beijing Opera Brightening Sheet Mask emulates just that (OMG yayyyy ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ – Deena) The main color of the sheet mask is black which indicates that the character is neutral or impartial but has integrity. So slap on the SNP Beijing Opera Brightening Sheet Mask, but please don’t be impartial on sheet masks!

I thought that was fucking adorable! And yayyy for a character mask (my first ever! Why have I waited so long?? XD)

I like that they’re being more descriptive, both of the masks they include and the overall theme. I like most of all that this pouch seems curated, way more so than the May pouch I received from them. Good marks, Beauteque!

Yadda yadda, what’s inside the damn pouch right??

AngelLooka Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack

Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Esfolio Gold Mask – Gold Essence

Holika Holika Ceramideย + Honey

Esfolio Milk Essence Mask Sheet

Aww, yeah! TonyMoly I’m Real Skin Purifying Mask

Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Money Masks in Revitalize (green) and Skin Clear (pink). These are just too fun!ย 

And last, but certainly not least:ย SNP Beijing Opera Brightening Sheet Mask

Since Beauteque was so generous as to put a blurb about each product on the info card, let’s take a look-see, shall we?

  • AngelLooka Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack: this foot mask pack helps moisturize feet as it removes dead skin cells. FYI: this mask heats up upon application. //Heh, I will put this to the task!ย 
  • Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask: This anti-wrinkle eye care mask revitalizes skin elasticity under the eyes with effective components such as phyto black complex, marine collagen, and silk peptide. //Sounds awesome! I’ll save this for when I’ve had a real bender the night before XD
  • Esfolio Gold Mask – Gold Essence: Containing colloidal gold, this sheet mask is great for alleviating stressed skin by adding elasticity and nutrition. //Damn, that’s fahncy! XD
  • Holika Holika: A well loved brand, Holika Holika aims to enhance natural beauty… //blah blah blah, they sent shit randomly. I got the Ceramide + Honey variety. I recently tried another from the ceramide line and I really liked it.ย 
  • Esfolio Milk Essence Mask Sheet: Milk protein is effective in keeping the skin clean and help to increase skin elasticity and moisture. //Got milk, baby? XD I got nothing for this one. Looks interesting?
  • TonyMoly I’m Real Skin Purifying Mask: Loved by Asian Beauty experts and newbies alike! The cute packaging attracts the novice, but the amazing effects of the mask keep the seasoned beauty lover coming back for more. //blah blah, they sent them randomly. I got the Skin Purifying one. Major props for some TM love!!! I loves me some TM masks! Although, wait a minute…I think I have this already….
  • Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Money Masks: Unique to Beauteque! These masks are formulated to either lift, revitalize, clean, moisturize, or repair skin. //They sent two of these randomly. I got Revitalize and Skin Clear. I just love the packaging! I also love the company (formerly Baviphat). Their First Essence is amazing, and their lemon brightening sleep pack is lovely too :3
  • ย SNP Beijing Opera Brightening Sheet Mask: The active ingredient of coconut water immediately replenishes moisture yo dry skin and improves skin function. ///Ahh coconut water!! It’s the third ingredient, which is followed by niacinamide!!! I am gonna try this one in the next few days, y’all O_O

Oh, so I did get another duplicate in this pouch?! *le sigh* ย Well. At least this time I didn’t buy my dupe from Beauteque XD I have a lot of masks… almost 250 by my last count. I actually have a spreadsheet for my masks, which I will share (along with a blank one for you guys!) in a future post.

So this was the last of my three month sub. Will I renew?? I unfortunately will not be renewing my sub with them right now. I have more than enough masks for the rest of the year…. and beyond, even using them once a day XD You know it’s bad when you’re getting shit you already have from subs!! I also have many, many masks on various wishlists, thanks to the great enabling nature of the Asian Beauty community XD

I will get another sub from them in the future. They seem to be finally finding their footing with this service, and I cannot wait to see how far they come (heh) in future pouches!

I hope you enjoyed the unpouching of this month’s Mask Maven. Please feel free to request a mask for me to review from these! I started booking my masks in advance, and I can see me using a couple from these picks in the coming weeks… but with so many masks, how can a sheet mask maven choose?? ๐Ÿ˜›



MOTD: Leaders’ Stepsolution Pore-Scaling Black Aqua Mask

Hey SMAs! ๐Ÿ˜€

Today I’m reviewing a mask from Leaders, a Korean based skin care company. I got this in my Mask Maven May pouch and I’ve been dying to try this since I got it in! ๐Ÿ˜€ You can buy it at Memebox, Beauteque (duh), or on eBay, if interested. Prices vary from $3 a piece to $33 for a full box of 10 sheets.

According to Memebox (like the only place that had a clear English description):

Do you have excessive sebum, dead skin cell buildups, unclean skin, and dull-darkened skin? Change your complexion with this renewing black mask enriched with various nutritious nutrients. ย Formulated with extracts like Volcanic Ash, Sugar Maple Extract, Soybean Extract, and more to purify and tighten enlarged pores.ย 

Intriguing! I have some huge ass pores I’d like to reduce! But does it live up to hype?? Let’s take a look at the ingredients.

The mask itself is infused with charcoal, one of the latest skincare additions everyone loves. It purportedly helps draw out dirt and impurities deep down in your pores, which of course makes it the perfect backdrop for a mask that claims to clear out pores!

So what about the featured ingredients?

Well, Volcanic ash is a known skin purifier (just like charcoal!), Sugar Maple Extract is a source of natural alpha hydroxy acid which aids in sloughing off dead skin cells, and Soybean extract is supposed to diminish wrinkles, reverse sun damage and even tighten sagging skin. Groovy, dude.

Enough of the science shit. On to the review!

OMG I love the kawaii stickers in Pixlr ๐Ÿ˜› Also, I love this mask ๐Ÿ˜€
This one has no English ingredient list, flowery speeches, or much English at all….

Mask details: The mask is made out of bamboo fiber. It was very thick (smirk) and drenched in essence. It had a kinda medicinal smell to it, but it wasn’t unpleasant; just a lil weird. On the plus side, it didn’t make my eyes water, and I didn’t notice it after a few minutes. There wasn’t much left to do The Yoosh, but for once I was glad: we’ll get to that in a bit. This mask is kinda special: it’s all black! This is only the second black mask I’ve come across so far!

Talk about being a black sheep (har har) XD

Mask Fit: This actually fit me really well! Even the eye holes were wide enough:

Yo! ๐Ÿ˜€

Although the mouth hole was a little small, I am rather pleased with the fit. The mask even stayed put: no sliding off or lifting is always a plus in my book!

First impressions: Well, I put this in the fridge an hour before; it felt nice and cool, then it started to tingle.

Like, a lot.

I was like what the fuck… I know it’s supposed to clear out my pores and all, but is it supposed to tingle?? O_o

I must admit, I got a little nervous, but in the name of science! I pressed on. I figured that was the AHA going to work (or so I hoped….). After a few minutes, the tingling died down, and since my skin didn’t feel hot or irritated I kept it on ~40 minutes (I was watching an episode of Chopped XD), then took it off, patted in the excess serum, blah blah blah. My face felt nice and clean, looked smooth and plump. I was skeptical about the smoothness (my face almost always looks smooth after a mask :P) but I finished my routine and went about my business.

Final thoughts:ย I must say that this seems to have made (at least a temporary) improvement to my larger pores; I had one that looked like a fucking crater…it is reduced to more of a dent now XD My skin looks and feels better!! What’s not to love (besides the tingling and weirdish smell)? Would I buy this mask on my own?? FUCK YEAH! I imagine if I use one of these a week, my pores will thank me profusely ๐Ÿ˜›

I am currently eyeing a box of them on eBay, but have not caved in. I’m trying to beย a good girl. Besides, I am currently working on a spreadsheet of all my masks, and… let’s just say I’m gonna need a bigger box soon:

Like, real soon. Seriously.

I think I’ll try a mask from my MaskGenie May pouch tonight! Squeee! I will dutifully report back my experience ๐Ÿ™‚

Until tomorrow’s masked adventures, have a sheetastic day! ๐Ÿ˜›



Beauteque Mask Maven: May Pouch Unboxing

(Warning: picture heavy post…)

Hello dolls!

Today I am showing off sharing my first ever Beauteque Mask Maven subscription pouch! :DDD

I had never been really interested in the beauty box subscription craze before, but the thought of getting random sheet masks I might never have bought or heard of otherwise delivered every month seemed like a great idea. Plus, I call myself a sheet mask maven, so it’s just fitting, no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Mask Maven is a subscription service that sends 9 – 11 masks each month. It’s $15 a month plus shipping, You can get a recurring subscription, in addition to buying individual monthly pouches. They say you will receive all kinds of masks including sheet masks, hand and feet masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more. I can’t say I’m too excited about anything other that face masks/wash off masks, but from what I could see from people who’ve received MM pouches in the past, it’s more sheet masks than anything else (plus, why not try some new stuff besides sheet masks??). Please note that since I exclusively review sheet masks on this blog, there will only be brief details on the masks received. More in depth reviews will follow in the weeks to come (so many masks, so little time…:P)

I got a three month subscription… I’ll decide after that if I want to continue with it or not. I put it in (heh) right before the cut off date for the May box. It arrived quickly after they shipped it (since they shipped from NJ, I got it Friday wooo!) and I am quite excited to show you what’s inside!

I got a total of 9 products: a mask pack, a wash off mask, a set of hand masks, and 6 sheet masks.

SO let’s get to it!

The monthly pouch came via First Class mail. It was packaged in a pink (squeeee!!) organza bag with a cute piece of paper with a quote and a brief note about how to use all the products included–nice touch.

So what’s inside you say???

My new prettiesssss :DDD

Here are all the included contents:

First up is this little guy from It’s Skin, the Todak Todak Nutrition pack. Seems promising. Not sure if I will review it here, as it’s not a sheet mask… but then again, who knows….

Next up is a sheet mask from Han Aka, the Whiteness+ Cherry Blossom mask. It features tranexamic acid (?). I love anything cherry blossom, so this mask is on the top of my list to try! ๐Ÿ˜€

Next up is a mask from My Beauty Diary, the Apple Polyphenol mask. I have tried a couple of MBD masks and I rather like them (I bought a whole box of the Royal Jelly variety. I love it!!) so I was pleased to see this. From doing research on the Green Tea mask, I learned that polyphenol is grrreat for troubled skin, so I look forward to trying this one ๐Ÿ˜€

Next is a wash-off mask from Etude House, Scrub Massage Yogurt, I love this company’s packaging (and their collagen Moistfull sleeping pack!!) so I look forward to trying this.

Next is a sheet mask from Humanpia Costech, the (I think?) Daylight and Hue Tomato essence mask. I swear I’d have had a whole salad on my fucking face by the time I go through all the masks I have XD No joke though: tomatoes are great for you: inside and out. I would have never though to buy a tomato mask, so I am really intrigued by this one.

Next is a sheet mask from Etude House, a plain ol’ Honey mask. Don’t let my blase tone fool you: I love honey masks (see three paragraphs ago lol). Like I said before, I really like the products from this company I’ve tried so far, so yay! Not a high priority to try right away though.

Next is a hand mask pair from Nature Republic, the Shea Butter Hand and Nature Moisture Hand Mask. I’ve always wanted to try some of their stuff, but I will admit I am a little apprehensive to try this, I have huge hands… store bought ladies’ gloves never fit me right so I can only imagine what sort of (tiny) hands these were made for >_<

Lana is one of my many spirit animals XD

Anyway, I will do a review of this soon, so look out for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next is a sheet mask from Leaders Stepsolution, the Pore-Scaling Black Aqua mask. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I am pretty eager to try it! Huge pores are one of the things I struggle with on my face :/

Last but not least is a sheet mask from Missha, the Pure Source Aloe…. I already had three of these masks in stock (remember my super awesome haul post? LOL I keep bringing it up…), so this was the only kind of bummer for me… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind per se (I suppose this is bound to happen, what with the amount of masks I hoard own) as I really like aloe sheet masks. I actually used it last night; I stuck it in the fridge for an hour and after I finished my Epic Zit Battle, I put that sucker on. ZOMG, after burning off my face the Noxema salicylic acid pads, this shit felt AMAZING! Why did no one tell me that putting sheet masks in the fridge was such a great idea????I’ll use one again and give you a full review another time ๐Ÿ˜‰

All in all, I am rather pleased with this month’s selection. There were some brands I like, some I wanted to try, and some I didn’t know. I look forward to trying and reviewing my new pretties! ๐Ÿ˜€

ETA:ย I am finally on Reddit andย /r/asianbeauty! I will start posting on there soon (my username is deelishdiscord of course) ๐Ÿ˜€

I also got my MaskGenie May pouch in yesterday, so look for that unboxing tomorrow! xoxox