Yes, I AM Still Working on Wisp!

Yes, it’s slow going! I hope to finish it before July…

2010-06-14 16.29.01

I'm about halfway done. I have 7 out of 15 pattern repeats done 😛

I got a lot of compliments on it when I went out to the Brooklyn Central Library for World Wide Knit in Public Day. It was a nice little gathering… I ended up signing up for the newly forming Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild. There was a raffle and I won a prize! I won this:


Which I had on my BOMC2 queue to get next month!! 😀 I was so happy… I never win anything in raffles ❤

I’ve made some more ice creams; I’ve made a chocolate and a strawberry to keep the vanilla company 😛 I’ll take pictures soon. I have to start making some more. So many things to do… it feels so overwhelming sometimes. I just want to make myself things, and to hell with selling stuff… not the best mentality to have…but I iz lazy 😛

I have been neglecting my shop! I haven’t made anymore earrings or bracelets. I must do that this week… just not today or Wednesday.  Wednesday is mah birthday!! But I’m broke, so I didn’t go overload on yummy yarn this year 😦 Maybe next paycheck… but I have so much yarn right now, it;s a non-issue. I have more yarn than projects I wanna do 😛

I might start either an entrelac tutorial, or [fiiinallllyyyyy!] the Blue Curacao shawl tonight… I’ll see how I feel. Come July, I’ll be doing the Tour de Fleece, so I won’t be knitting at home much, if at all [I will have a To-Go project of some sort, dunno what yet…]. I suppose I’ll be starting entrelac, then… and I guess that can be my To-Go project for July… but I have so many more yummy projects I wanna do *wails*

I’m too damn decisive for my own damn good :/


Mission:(Is)possible and Reading is Rad!

This hat should have been done DAYS ago…

About 90% done. My wrists were killing me this week, and so I have refrained from knitting, as I have no choice but to type at work. *sigh*

Will finish it tonight, and either make another one, or try a pattern from OSW.

In other news, I am near my book reading goal for the year…though I did break down and buy another book :/

I bought the last two Sookie Stackhouse books. I devour them; they are so yummy to read <3. I literally read one a day this week! (Damn, I spend a lot of money on things I like…)

Why are all my hobbies so freaking expensive??!??


I want to buy some Noro Kureyon, but the universe conspires against me. I’ll have to buy it online, as I have called 4 different LYS and none had any on hand *sigh*

I like shopping online, but that instant gratification is always nice 🙂

I haven’t bought any yarn in months. I am overdue—but also over broke.

Well, my birthday’s coming up, so I shall splurge and get a new tattoo, maybe a piercing, a new bag (squee!) and YARN!

Will post pictures of new hat when (hopefully) finished tonight.

One Skein Wonders

I just bought my second knitting book ever!

There are so many neat-o things to try out in here. I have a few more things I wanna take care of (both on my Ravelry queue, and stuff I need to finish…), and then I am so digging into this book…might even get the recommended yarns instead of substituting like I usually do (cheap and lazy, I am).

LOL what a rebel I am.

Just wanted to share this ❤