I iz Finished! Woot!

I finished these on saturday, but I was too lazy to post the pictures then 😛

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

They are way more comfy than the other socks I made...

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

Squee! ❤

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

Sorry for the shitty picture quality; Ash took this in her room 😛

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

Shitty picture of the bottom 😛

They took me way longer than necessary to finish… I got bored of them, I think. I did find two other sock patterns to get excited about though. I actually paid for them (shocking, I know!)

I attempted to start one on Saturday while I was at the laundry mat…. the way the pattern was written made it so there was an extra 4 stitches left over from the pattern repeat…which seemed to make no sense to me. I was also using variegated yarn (my nummy rainbow-esque merino handyed sock yarn<3), which did not mesh well with the stitch pattern… I couldn’t really see what was going on 😛 . I frogged it and decided to start it over with another one of my handyed yarns, this one mostly solid (it has flecks of color, but not distracting 🙂

I’ve also warmed up to Wisp. It has gotten easier (even on the train!) to work on. I’m up to my third repeat. There are supposed to be 17 panels of fisherman lace; I have three done, and am on my third knit panel… a little ways to go. I might just keep going and use up both skeins for this; I suppose it depends on if I can squeeze out the whole 17 panels in one skein or not.

I think this is more of a scarf than a shawl… I’ve been mislabeling it the whole time! (oh well).

Hopefully I’ll be done before the end of the month… I might be able to make that  happen. I’ve pretty much finished up the one swap I have due this month. I have two swaps due in July… will start cranking out shit for those later in the month/early July.

I feel like making a hat. Having a bad hair week made me rediscover ,y love of hats! I’ll have to make a hat by the weekend… I’m getting my hair done, which will prolly defeat the purpose, huh? But I can make a hat in an evening…

I have the most awesomest idea for a crocheted hat, too! ❤

Stay tuned. Pictures of Wisp later this week. hopefully there will be more progress 🙂


Frogged. And New Projects!

I was working on some driving gloves, but (being me) I wasn’t using the correct arn, and I didn’t check my gauge.

So I had to frog.  A pity really; the colors were fantastic. I didn’t even take a pictre, so don’t ask (LOL).

I started a new hat, and I started a shawl. I am excited about it! I have never been so ambitious.

Pictures of my WIPs tomorrow 🙂

Updates! Crocheting is (Substitute) Fun! Creative Madness!

I have been MIA lately. My left wrist was fucked up, so I stayed away from extra-curricular typing…

And knitting.

It sucked so bad.

For a whole month and a half, I didn’t make ANYTHING. I then re-discovered my love of crochet (and I only use my right hand for that, so…) and started making things again.

I have always been better at crochet than knitting, mostly ’cause I have been crocheting for 13-14 years? But even sp, I never made anything too ambitious. So I am rather proud of myself. I have made so many things. I started back into my hat affair; I have made a shit ton of hats. I plan to sell some in my Etsy shop. I made some cloches, beanies, and also a super-fab hat I am sooo proud of. I have also made some kerchiefs as well. I look awesome in them.

Let’s start with the new yarn purchases and finished objects (this is gonna be a huge post):

And the best for last:

Willy Wonka Fascinator

Willy Wonka Fascinator

I have been getting rave reviews about this, so I put it seperately from the others. I am wrking on fascnator #2. Stay tuned.

That’s all I got for you for my projects.  Moar when I finish this fascinator I’m working on, and the rest of my kechiefs and headbands. I also wanna start something big, like a jacket or a shawl/wrap.

So Nice, I Had to Knit it Twice…and a New Project!

My mom loved the Vertigo cap so much, I am now making her one in this zebra-esque colorway (Red Heart of course. The Kureyon still eludes me…)

Will take pictures when completed. I really like this pattern, and will make a few more as beanies, since I am rocking my real hair for a change 😛

I plan to make a lot of headgear now.

Speaking of, I am currently working on a headband…and there will be many more to come. My hair is a little above my shoulders, and the front was cut in bangs back in January, and they are now growing out.

Annoying, yes.

I need to have something to keep my hair out of my damn eyes. I actually named the headband I’m working on “Keep My Damn Hair Outta My Face Band” On Ravelry. LOL. I also queued a bunch of other headbands to work on. They are quick, satisfying projects…than I can surely use right now. Heheheheh (pun ABSOLUTELY intended).

I am using the leftover Caron Simply Soft from the Calormetry. I loveeee this colorway! Embroidery, it’s called. So colorful! I hate working with it, though, especially with smaller needles….it splits terribly. Hell, even with the right size needles it was a pain, but not as much. And I am just on the I cord.


Too lazy to take pictures right now. When completed, will take pictures. The headband I should be finished with in a day or so; I plan to work on it a bit tonight. Which will put off the hat a little bit, but *shrug* it’s getting too hot to wear hats anyway, right?

I fear another ‘Zzz’ project on Ravelry….

Mission:(Is)possible and Reading is Rad!

This hat should have been done DAYS ago…

About 90% done. My wrists were killing me this week, and so I have refrained from knitting, as I have no choice but to type at work. *sigh*

Will finish it tonight, and either make another one, or try a pattern from OSW.

In other news, I am near my book reading goal for the year…though I did break down and buy another book :/

I bought the last two Sookie Stackhouse books. I devour them; they are so yummy to read <3. I literally read one a day this week! (Damn, I spend a lot of money on things I like…)

Why are all my hobbies so freaking expensive??!??


I want to buy some Noro Kureyon, but the universe conspires against me. I’ll have to buy it online, as I have called 4 different LYS and none had any on hand *sigh*

I like shopping online, but that instant gratification is always nice 🙂

I haven’t bought any yarn in months. I am overdue—but also over broke.

Well, my birthday’s coming up, so I shall splurge and get a new tattoo, maybe a piercing, a new bag (squee!) and YARN!

Will post pictures of new hat when (hopefully) finished tonight.

Vertigo Hat

I am about halfway done with it and I am soo excited! It’s coming out so awesomely amazing! This yarn has striped in the most awesome way with this pattern. I will have to make another one with the Red Heart multi yarn (I have more than enough to do so).

Here are the pics:

More pictures when I’m done ^__^

By the looks of it, I may be done tonight, as it is not a hard pattern; a quick knit, really. I have only been working on it primarily on the train to/from work, so it could have been done a lot sooner. Juust in time for monday it should be finished, and then I will start another. Squee! Fucking a, I am on a roll with butter and cheese 😀