Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and ManiMatch Launch

Hey Dolls!

You may or may not know (prolly not…) but I’m a certified nail technician! I graduated from nail school last June (right after my 29th birthday!) and have been doing freelance nails since then. If you’re in NYC, I am available for a variety of nail services through my StyleSeat and through the Priv app (on Android and iPhones) 😀 /shamless plug

Last week (9/18-9/20) I had the privilege to work with world-famous Sally Hansen here in NYC for their new Mani Match app launch! (You can check out the Mani Match app here… only on iPhones right now…boo). I was one of 14 manicurists they hired to give manis away to celebrate their launch! I won’t lie to you… it was exhausting as fuck (I did about 100 express manicures last weekend and had to stand while I painted nails *sweatdrop*), but I met a lot of cool people and had the opportunity to work with a team of talented nail techs! 😀

Here are some of my favorite manis I painted and clients from the launch: Continue reading


Nellie McKay – David

I heard this song when I was attempting to watch Weeds (I couldn’t get into it :/).

I fell in love with the song, and I actually bought (yes, I actually paid for music XD) the album this song is on, Get Away From Me. It’s really great! I love her eclectic sound (lil bit of jazz, pop …even some disco!) but what made me love this song is the old school Doris Day feel it has, in great contrast to the lyrics.

Check out the rest of this album if you like this song… you might be able to find it on the YouTube. I’ll share a couple more songs from this album soon 😀

My Scheming Rose Dew Moisturizing Mask

Hello lovelies! Today’s review is the mask from Day 1 of the Soko Glam’s 7 Day Challenge! Wooo!

This mask is from My Scheming, a Taiwanese brand, Rumor has it that they’re made by the same manufacturer that makes My Beauty Diary, but I cannot corroborate that for sure XD I got a box of ten from Amazon for $15 with free shipping, which makes it about $1.50 a mask—not bad at all. It’s from the only seller in the US licensed to sell this brand in the US. I got it lightning fast (they’re located in NJ). Man, The packaging is so fucking cute on these masks!!

I was squeeing like an otaku when I got it, I tell ya XD

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My Beauty Diary Royal Jelly Mask

Hey there! Today’s mask is from My Beauty Diary, a Taiwanese brand. Yay! I love MBD masks! As you can see, I’ve reviewed a few already XD They’re a staple in my my mask collection… or they really fucking should be, in any case. I got this in a box of 10 from Amazon for $12.99. A pretty great deal, seeing as though Wally World has it for $13.75. Although, let me say again: still cannot believe fucking Walmart has any K-Beauty stuff! O_O
I’ve had these for awhile and have used a few. It just came back into my rotation when I realized I never reviewed it (!) I should have; it was the first MBD mask I ever used. I could barely wait to get it on my face, lemmetellya.
Much excite! Much awesome skin 😀

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Mizon King to the Kong No. 1 Moist King’s Berry Mask Sheet

Hello dolls! Today’s mask is from Mizon, a Korean brand. They are another one of my favorite Korean skin care brands… I cannot live without their Snail Repair line 😛 I got a pack of 7 for $9.99 on eBay (it’s cheaper now! Gah!). It was shipped directly from Korea. I bought a bunch of stuff from them. They gave me lots of samples, shipped fast; really awesome seller 😛

I’ve decided to drop the MOTD from the title. You get it; it’s the Mask of the Day. I pretty much only blog about masks, so I think we can all assume it’s the mask for whatever fucking day it is right? Plus, I am still tagging it appropriately, so you will still be able to find it under that 😉

Isn’t the packaging cute?? LOL I laughed so much when I saw it… besides the promising description, it was what made me buy it XD Peach and Lily said the following:

From Mizon’s King to the Kong Collection, this black chokeberry-infused sheet mask is formulated for all skin types. Chokeberry extract is packed with essential phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to brighten skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines. It also has 80x more anthocyanin than grapes, and 10x more catechins and tannins than green tea, which means your skin will be left more appearing more radiant and healthy. Antioxidants protect the skin from environmental factors and help to boost elasticity.

I was like WHAT?!?

When I saw this gif, I knew I had to use it, Plus, hot damn I needed a good mask XD

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MOTD: Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Aqua Mask Pack

Hola! Today’s mask is from Freeset, a Korean brand (cannot find anything about this company…my Google Fu has failed meee). I got this one in my June deluxe MaskGenie Pouch (which I didn’t review… boo to me, right? It was a great pouch too…). Apparently Memebox has ’em for $2!!! (WHAT I paid fucking $5 at the Club Clio store for my other one O_o)

Man, I have been very excited to try this mask! It’s loved by a lot of Korean Beauty bloggers, so I was totes excited to finally get one!!

Go meeee! XD

This is my second hydrogel mask ever. I really liked the first one I tried (from another brand…) and after all the buzz about this one, I was gung ho about trying it. I have been burned with some shitty masks lately, so it was high time to treat myself to something good. Yayyy! Totes excited, I tell ya.

Yippie! 😀

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MOTD: The Face Shop’s Real Nature Mango Seed Mask

Today I’m reviewing a mask from The Face Shop, which is a Korean brand. It’s another Korean brand that’s very popular here in the States. They have two retail stores that I know of in NYC; I actually picked this up from the one in Koreatown! The shop was tiny but packed with all sorts of skincare products, makeup, and OF COURSE sheet masks! The mask was $2 but they had a promotion that if you bought 10 masks you got 3 free so I happily obliged. I was with my BFF at the time, so I split them with her ❤

My Epic Zit War has been pretty much conquered at this point (huzzah!!!), but as a precaution against future breakouts I am still using Noxema 1x a day (at night), so these days I prefer masks with moisturizing/hydrating properties. As a result, I decided to use this particular mask because it promised deep moisturization… but mostly because it was mango (well, the seed anyway :P). I love mango! I love the fruit, mango flavored things, the way it smells, ALL THE MANGO THINGS XD

So why is it mango seed, and not the mango flesh (the yummy part!)?

Mango seed is known for being an excellent moisturizer chock full of vitamins. Mango seed oil also helps keeps your skin hydrated without being overly oily or greasy. What’s not to love about all that??

Let’s get on to the review, shall we?

It has English yayy! 😛

Mask details: The mask was made of 100% organic unbleached cotton (according to the packaging…and they were very adamant about it–it was the first line of English on the package XD). It was of average thickness, decently soaked in essence. It had a wonderful smell (not quite mango-ey, tbh, but very sweet smelling), such a 180 from yesterday’s mask -__-. I had enough to do The Yoosh (yayyy mango-ish smelling boobies! XD) 

Mask fit: It was the standard not-quite-right fit. I had to tear the eye holes and stretch the mouth hole for a comfortable fit. It stayed in place, but I was pretty stationary while wearing it, so I did not test its endurance in that respect.
First Impression: It felt awesome going on my face (after a stint of 2 hours in the fridge). I kept it on for 45 minutes, about the point when the edges started to dry and curl. When I took off the mask, my face was plump and dewy. It took a few minutes for the remaining essence to soak in, then I finished my routine and went about my business. 

Final thoughts: When I woke up today, my face was soooo soft and wonderful feeling. Even after washing my face with my Mizon Pore Clearing charcoal cleanser (it tends to be a little drying… but it gets results), my face didn’t feel squeaky! My skin still feels amazing! I love this mask!!! Viva la mango seed! 😀
Would I buy this again? Hell yeah! Getting it from the store in bulk might be OK if they still have that promotion, but I could just as easily order it through eBay or another online vendor and pay less per piece 😉
Until tomorrow’s sheetastic adventure,

MOTD: Leaders’ Stepsolution Pore-Scaling Black Aqua Mask

Hey SMAs! 😀

Today I’m reviewing a mask from Leaders, a Korean based skin care company. I got this in my Mask Maven May pouch and I’ve been dying to try this since I got it in! 😀 You can buy it at Memebox, Beauteque (duh), or on eBay, if interested. Prices vary from $3 a piece to $33 for a full box of 10 sheets.

According to Memebox (like the only place that had a clear English description):

Do you have excessive sebum, dead skin cell buildups, unclean skin, and dull-darkened skin? Change your complexion with this renewing black mask enriched with various nutritious nutrients.  Formulated with extracts like Volcanic Ash, Sugar Maple Extract, Soybean Extract, and more to purify and tighten enlarged pores. 

Intriguing! I have some huge ass pores I’d like to reduce! But does it live up to hype?? Let’s take a look at the ingredients.

The mask itself is infused with charcoal, one of the latest skincare additions everyone loves. It purportedly helps draw out dirt and impurities deep down in your pores, which of course makes it the perfect backdrop for a mask that claims to clear out pores!

So what about the featured ingredients?

Well, Volcanic ash is a known skin purifier (just like charcoal!), Sugar Maple Extract is a source of natural alpha hydroxy acid which aids in sloughing off dead skin cells, and Soybean extract is supposed to diminish wrinkles, reverse sun damage and even tighten sagging skin. Groovy, dude.

Enough of the science shit. On to the review!

OMG I love the kawaii stickers in Pixlr 😛 Also, I love this mask 😀
This one has no English ingredient list, flowery speeches, or much English at all….

Mask details: The mask is made out of bamboo fiber. It was very thick (smirk) and drenched in essence. It had a kinda medicinal smell to it, but it wasn’t unpleasant; just a lil weird. On the plus side, it didn’t make my eyes water, and I didn’t notice it after a few minutes. There wasn’t much left to do The Yoosh, but for once I was glad: we’ll get to that in a bit. This mask is kinda special: it’s all black! This is only the second black mask I’ve come across so far!

Talk about being a black sheep (har har) XD

Mask Fit: This actually fit me really well! Even the eye holes were wide enough:

Yo! 😀

Although the mouth hole was a little small, I am rather pleased with the fit. The mask even stayed put: no sliding off or lifting is always a plus in my book!

First impressions: Well, I put this in the fridge an hour before; it felt nice and cool, then it started to tingle.

Like, a lot.

I was like what the fuck… I know it’s supposed to clear out my pores and all, but is it supposed to tingle?? O_o

I must admit, I got a little nervous, but in the name of science! I pressed on. I figured that was the AHA going to work (or so I hoped….). After a few minutes, the tingling died down, and since my skin didn’t feel hot or irritated I kept it on ~40 minutes (I was watching an episode of Chopped XD), then took it off, patted in the excess serum, blah blah blah. My face felt nice and clean, looked smooth and plump. I was skeptical about the smoothness (my face almost always looks smooth after a mask :P) but I finished my routine and went about my business.

Final thoughts: I must say that this seems to have made (at least a temporary) improvement to my larger pores; I had one that looked like a fucking crater…it is reduced to more of a dent now XD My skin looks and feels better!! What’s not to love (besides the tingling and weirdish smell)? Would I buy this mask on my own?? FUCK YEAH! I imagine if I use one of these a week, my pores will thank me profusely 😛

I am currently eyeing a box of them on eBay, but have not caved in. I’m trying to be a good girl. Besides, I am currently working on a spreadsheet of all my masks, and… let’s just say I’m gonna need a bigger box soon:

Like, real soon. Seriously.

I think I’ll try a mask from my MaskGenie May pouch tonight! Squeee! I will dutifully report back my experience 🙂

Until tomorrow’s masked adventures, have a sheetastic day! 😛



MOTD: Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask

Hello SMAs (formerly known as sheet mask addicts…shut up, I’m lazy XD):

Today we get back to our regularly scheduled MOTD posts yayyy! On a side note, I think I might just start saving haul posts for the weekends, or should I dedicate a day for hauls (there will be more in the coming weeks XD)? Any opinions on the matter would be much appreciated 😀

Today’s mask is from Korean company Dermal, who (I didn’t know this before) also makes the Purederm line of products too! I like their collagen eye patches :3  I bought this mask in a 16 piece multi pack on Amazon for $12 (with free shipping for Prime or for orders over $35), which comes out to $0.75 a piece! You know I love a good bargain. I’ve actually had these for awhile; I tried one from the pack (charcoal) a couple of weeks before I started the blog, and I remember it being decent. Not spectacular mind you, but I figured it was worth the per-piece price.

I’m in the last stages of my Epic Zit War, so I decided to select a mask with more regenerative/repairing elements because I figured that even the tiniest bit of whatever-says-will-help would be sufficient 😛

But I’m getting ahead of myself (again, as usual…)

The featured ingredient in this mask is snail mucus extract, or you may see it as Snail Secretion Extract (same shit, meng). Now, if you’re new to Asian beauty, you might be balking and saying what the fuck Deena??

Just listen to this: snail slime is a wonder substance. Have acne problems, blemishes that won’t go away, fine wrinkles annoying the shit out of you?? The snail slime has got your back. Legions of die hard Korean beauty fanatics cannot be wrong (dammit!), But you know snail slime must be a huge deal if even the American media is doing stories on it. Huh.

I personally wasn’t grossed out by its use in skin care when I heard about it; as a matter of fact it took me back to my childhood days of playing in the yard, catching snails and keeping them in old ice cream buckets where I would feed them lettuce. They were so cute! Even the slime trails were pretty; they’d leave shiny diamond trails all over the concrete, and it was lovely  ^__^

Yadda, yadda, yadda; you’re prolly wondering now, did it help?? Sorry I’m rambling today… on to the review!

Spoiler: I loved this mask 😀
The back has usage and other pertinents in Hangul, Japanese, and English 😀
Closeup of English portion.

Mask details: The mask was surprisingly thick and dripping with essence. There was just enough left inside for me to do The Yoosh (rub it on my neck and boobs :P). It had a nice clean smell. I’m not sure what I expected it to smell like, but not as nice as it was, I tell you. 

Mask fit: The mask fit me pretty well, although the eye and mouth holes were a little too small (as is usually the case for me), but not so small that I had to cut it or anything. Since it covered my face from cheek-to-cheek, I was very happy. It even held up well when I did a mini photo shoot:
I had a lot of fun with this 😛
First impression: After putting the green tea mask from my last MOTD post in the fridge, this has become my new norm. I stuck it in (snerk) the fridge at least an hour, if not more, before. It felt ZOMG amayyyzing. As is the case with these masks, the cold soon dissipates, but it still felt good on my face at any rate. I, umm, fell asleep with it on (I took a 4 hour nap…I haven’t been sleeping well the past few days…) and it was dry (but still stuck to my face XD) when I woke up, but my face wasn’t–it was nicely moisturized, and I didn’t even use my awesome TonyMoly Snail Moisture Gel to seal it in like I usually do. Not only that, but two huge zits have been significantly reduced to almost gone O_O

Final thoughts: Can I say wow?? My face feels like buttah, and the only thing I bothered to put on when I got up from my nap was my preshus Mizon Snail Repair Eye cream! I love this!! I didn’t expect such wow from a cheapie mask, but it just comes to show you, right? I’m no mask snob by any means (it it seems reputable I will buy it, the cheaper the better!), but sometimes you get what you pay for. I’m finding out this is not always the case for Korean skin care, and I love that. I told my mom I paid less than $15 for my eye cream (which has really reduced my fine lines, TYVM) and she couldn’t believe it. She pays upward of $45 for hers. She won’t try the snail stuff though. 
All in all, I fucking LOVED this mask! I must inform you that I do use other products that include snail slime in my beauty regimen (as mentioned above), so it could very well be the layered amounts of snail working together or some shit… but I belieeeeve in the power of the mighty snail now! I must hunt down a multi pack of this variety to have on hand. You can’t beat a decent cheap face mask, especially one that shows RESULTS, dammit.
As a final note, I used a couple of masks the past two days that I did not review (yet). Don’t worry: I used masks that I had multiples of just so I can still blog about them at a later date. You have no idea the kind of restraint I exercised to do so…you’re welcome 😉
Until tomorrow’s adventure,

MOTD: Missha Gourmet Honey Butter

Hello lovelies! 

Today’s mask is from Missha, which is based in Korea. The German version of the site (they don’t have it on the US site, for whatever reason) says the following about the mask: 

This pack helps to promote a beautiful and glowing complexion with nutrients delivered from honey and gourmet butter. For those who wants to deliver radiance to the skin by providing nutrients and also wants to take a good care of skin by enjoying a sweet fragrance! MISSHAGourmet Honey Butter Sheet Mask- the tasty side of skin care.

So does it deliver on these promises?? Can’t say for sure, but…before I go any further, lemme just say…

O. M. G. This mask is fucking amazeballs! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

This was part of my super awesome haul post so I’m not going into price and where I bought it (you can read about the price and where I got it from here). I’m glad I got the multi pack, because this mask is (wait for it…) like buttah (said with a NYC accent alá Mike Myers in Coffee Talk on SNL) XD 

But I’m getting ahead of myself, as usual. 

The featured ingredients in this mask aren’t out of the ordinary. People have been using honey for both medicinal and cosmetic applications for millenia, and the same can be said for milk and all its various children (yogurt, butter, cream, buttermilk, etc). I think the name just sounds fancy for no good reason (how do I know it’s really French butter??!?), but I’m a sucker for such hyperbolic copy, so it’s A-OK to me 😛

So anyway, on to the review! 

Here’s the packaging:
It has usage instructions in English, so yay for that!
Here’s a close-up of the English part of the package.

Mask details: I’m not exactly sure what the mask is made out of, but it’s really thin and totally soaked in essence—with just enough left in the package to rub on my neck and boobs! I love that. The mask being thin wasn’t a big deal, but if you have large hands like me, you will have to fiddle a bit to get it open without tearing it (luckily I didn’t). It doesn’t smell like milk or honey really, but it does have a nice sweet, almost creamy smell, so there’s that.

Mask fit: I’ve yet to come across a mask that fits perfectly, but this one fits better than expected:

See how thin it is?? 

It covered my whole face (including all of my cheeks all the way to my ears! Squeeee)! Not only does it fit well, it stayed on my face even while laughing, drinking, and sitting up. Very impressive. 

First impression: I put it on and it felt AMAZING. Like I said above, it was well soaked, and I guess it being thin helped adhere it better to my face. I kept it on for 45 minutes. Even with the AC on, it didn’t dry out. I kept stroking the mask while it was on my face…. felt so nice 😀 My face was nice and plump after I took it off… usually it takes a few minutes for the essence from a mask to settle in enough to continue the rest of my routine, but after 10 minutes, my face was still plump and moist *snerk* so I did my eye cream, sealer (snail gel!!) and also some Baviphat lemon whitening sleeping pack (I just got it in and wanted to try it..).

Final thoughts: When I woke up today, my face felt amazing! I don’t know if it was the mask or the sleeping pack, but my face not only felt soft and smooth, but had a definite glow to it. My face was still moist too! I will have to try the mask again w/o the sleeping pack to know for sure if it had a definitive effect (but I’m sure they both worked in tandem). Would I buy this mask again? FUCK YES. I have four left. I was planning to give some away, but I think this one belongs on the hoard pile 😀

Now the only question is… which mask will I use tonight?? Stay tuned!