My Scheming Rose Dew Moisturizing Mask

Hello lovelies! Today’s review is the mask from Day 1 of the Soko Glam’s 7 Day Challenge! Wooo!

This mask is from My Scheming, a Taiwanese brand, Rumor has it that they’re made by the same manufacturer that makes My Beauty Diary, but I cannot corroborate that for sure XD I got a box of ten from Amazon for $15 with free shipping, which makes it about $1.50 a mask—not bad at all. It’s from the only seller in the US licensed to sell this brand in the US. I got it lightning fast (they’re located in NJ). Man, The packaging is so fucking cute on these masks!!

I was squeeing like an otaku when I got it, I tell ya XD

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Tony Moly I’m Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet

Hello dolls! Today’s mask is from my AB bae, TonyMoly.
I got this from Amazon in a pack of 11 different varieties for about $17 (it’s cheaper now on there so go run and buy some!! XD), which works out to about $1.54 for the individual mask. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, surely you know by now now much I lurve TonyMoly masks…and TM in general XD
Well, yahhhh

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LUS Good Face Snail & EGF Mask Sheet

Hey dolls! Today’s mask is from LUS, a Korean brand.

I haven’t heard much about this brand in the AB-o-sphere (and can’t seem to find anything about them either), so I picked up this and another mask of theirs from TesterKorea and decided to give them a try… they certainly were cheap enough! I got this from TK for 1,000 won, or $0.84 USD. ‘

You must know by now I love a good bargain.

Wut wut!

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Missha Pure Source Aloe Sheet Mask

Hey dolls! Today’s mask is from Missha, a very popular Korean brand. One of my favorite masks evar are from Missha, so it boggles the mind why the fuck I never bothered to try this one before now XD Missha is best known for their First Time Essence (I have yet to try it XD) which has been called Holy Grail by many a AB enthusiast.

It’s the mask so nice, I bought it twice! /sarcasm I got one in my May Mask Maven pouch, and before that I bought a pack of three on eBay for $4.14. So I had four of these suckers just laying around!

Seriously though…idk why it took so long to try it XD

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Purederm Snail Cell Illuminating Multi Step Treatment

Hey dolls! Today’s mask is from Purederm, a Korean brand.

Hmm, this is the second mask from them I’m reviewing in as many weeks! I decided to do this mask because I didn’t see much buzz about it in the AB sphere… (aka none of my fave bloggers reviewed it yet XD). I also got this one from TesterKorea for 1,500 won, or $1.27 USD. Not bad, right? The other mask was kinda *yawn*, so I was hoping this one would be a bit more exciting, since it’s a special dual step mask and all 😀

How often do you see these kind of masks??

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My Beauty Diary Royal Jelly Mask

Hey there! Today’s mask is from My Beauty Diary, a Taiwanese brand. Yay! I love MBD masks! As you can see, I’ve reviewed a few already XD They’re a staple in my my mask collection… or they really fucking should be, in any case. I got this in a box of 10 from Amazon for $12.99. A pretty great deal, seeing as though Wally World has it for $13.75. Although, let me say again: still cannot believe fucking Walmart has any K-Beauty stuff! O_O
I’ve had these for awhile and have used a few. It just came back into my rotation when I realized I never reviewed it (!) I should have; it was the first MBD mask I ever used. I could barely wait to get it on my face, lemmetellya.
Much excite! Much awesome skin 😀

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Mizon King to the Kong No. 1 Moist King’s Berry Mask Sheet

Hello dolls! Today’s mask is from Mizon, a Korean brand. They are another one of my favorite Korean skin care brands… I cannot live without their Snail Repair line 😛 I got a pack of 7 for $9.99 on eBay (it’s cheaper now! Gah!). It was shipped directly from Korea. I bought a bunch of stuff from them. They gave me lots of samples, shipped fast; really awesome seller 😛

I’ve decided to drop the MOTD from the title. You get it; it’s the Mask of the Day. I pretty much only blog about masks, so I think we can all assume it’s the mask for whatever fucking day it is right? Plus, I am still tagging it appropriately, so you will still be able to find it under that 😉

Isn’t the packaging cute?? LOL I laughed so much when I saw it… besides the promising description, it was what made me buy it XD Peach and Lily said the following:

From Mizon’s King to the Kong Collection, this black chokeberry-infused sheet mask is formulated for all skin types. Chokeberry extract is packed with essential phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to brighten skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines. It also has 80x more anthocyanin than grapes, and 10x more catechins and tannins than green tea, which means your skin will be left more appearing more radiant and healthy. Antioxidants protect the skin from environmental factors and help to boost elasticity.

I was like WHAT?!?

When I saw this gif, I knew I had to use it, Plus, hot damn I needed a good mask XD

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Beauty Friends Cucumber Essence Mask

Shitty picture for a shitty mask. Ugh.

Howdy y’all!

Today’s mask is from Vanedo/Beauty Friends, a Korean brand. I got these masks from eBay. It was in a pack of 12 masks for about $12 + free shipping!

I could find nothing (in English) about this company, and it looks like they re-branded these masks (as now they look all modern and flashy). Hmm. The packaging (besides basic directions and a short description of the featured ingredient in English) is all in Korean. I dunno what the fuck is in the mask besides the so-called featured ingredient, and I am almost afraid to find out O_o

So, umm, you know that adage, “you get what you pay for”? Looks like this time, it might very well be the case T_T

Ah, well, umm… can’t win them all?? >_>

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MOTD: Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask

(This is actually from 8/6… had it in draft and never finished it. Sorry, it’s been a busy week!)

‘Ello dolls! Today’s mask is from Purederm, a Korean brand. I got his mask from TesterKorea  for 600 won, or about $0.51 USD. What a bargain! But man, I dunno if I’ll ever shop at TK again… the wait time was almost a month, and the shipping near killed me -__-. I don’t seem to see them at any other shop that I would buy from, so if you really wanna try it… be my guest and get it from TK 😛

Anywho, today’s mask featured ingredient is green beans. Yummm I love green beans!

I couldn’t resist putting up a sloth eating a string bean 😀

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MOTD: Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Aqua Mask Pack

Hola! Today’s mask is from Freeset, a Korean brand (cannot find anything about this company…my Google Fu has failed meee). I got this one in my June deluxe MaskGenie Pouch (which I didn’t review… boo to me, right? It was a great pouch too…). Apparently Memebox has ’em for $2!!! (WHAT I paid fucking $5 at the Club Clio store for my other one O_o)

Man, I have been very excited to try this mask! It’s loved by a lot of Korean Beauty bloggers, so I was totes excited to finally get one!!

Go meeee! XD

This is my second hydrogel mask ever. I really liked the first one I tried (from another brand…) and after all the buzz about this one, I was gung ho about trying it. I have been burned with some shitty masks lately, so it was high time to treat myself to something good. Yayyy! Totes excited, I tell ya.

Yippie! 😀

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