My Beauty Diary Royal Jelly Mask

Hey there! Today’s mask is from My Beauty Diary, a Taiwanese brand. Yay! I love MBD masks! As you can see, I’ve reviewed a few already XD They’re a staple in my my mask collection… or they really fucking should be, in any case. I got this in a box of 10 from Amazon for $12.99. A pretty great deal, seeing as though Wally World has it for $13.75. Although, let me say again: still cannot believe fucking Walmart has any K-Beauty stuff! O_O
I’ve had these for awhile and have used a few. It just came back into my rotation when I realized I never reviewed it (!) I should have; it was the first MBD mask I ever used. I could barely wait to get it on my face, lemmetellya.
Much excite! Much awesome skin 😀

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MOTD: My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird’s Nest Mask

Hey dolls! Today’s mask is from My Beauty Diary. a Taiwanese company. They are a pretty popular mask company…they even sell them at Walmart!! (note to self: compare prices at Wally World vs Amazon XD).

I bought mine from Beauteque for $1.99. I actually got another one in my June Mask Maven pouch too *le sigh*. But you know what? MBD and TM dupes are allllllways welcome in my stash (they’re my two absolute fave mask companies) 😉

Anywho, according to Beauteque:

This mask provides the skin with nourishing and moisturizing nutrients. It moisturizes dry skin, feels soft and supple like a baby’s skin. The enhanced hydration meets the ultimate needs of the skin and nourishing. The combination of rare elements from the sky, the extraction of ‘Swiftlet’s nest’, and the extraction of deep-sea plant, ‘coralline’, with the reputation of ‘submarine bird’s nest’ gives the skin this superb gourmet feast. It deeply improves skin hydration, provides rich nourishment and energy, heals dry and expression fine lines, erases dullness and roughness, and makes skin translucent, tender and smooth.

*grabby hands* Give it to meeeeee

 I needed this… especially after Sunday’s shitty mask (I didn’t use a mask on Monday or Tuesday, I used a sleeping pack instead. I’ve been staying up late  and I was too tired to use a mask XD) My face really didn’t like that red ginseng mask, man… or it could just be the summer heat that have caused small colonies of little bumps on my cheeks and forehead T__T. I had high hopes for this mask. The last few MBD masks I’ve used have been awesome, so I was hoping this mask would deliver on (at least some…) of its promises. 

Now onto the featured ingredient: Bird’s Nest. 
Now, since getting into Asian Beauty I have put a lot of strange shit on my face (snail slime, namely…) but this one….. wow. This is essentially bird spit. And expensive as fuck, too. It is considered the caviar of the East, and for good reason. This can go for about $2,500 per kilogram in Asian countries O_O. I cannot seem to find any definitive studies about its efficacy in skin care, but man… many Asian people believe in it. They not only use it in skin products, they actually eat it.

Uhh, no thanks. But I will put it on my face ;P
This mask also features another ingredient, coralline. Coralline has many helpful properties, one of note is its anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe the skin, reduce redness and increase cellular cohesion. Interesting!
Enough nature talk: On to the review!
Mask 411: Thin, easy ripping, well soaked with a plastic backing. Smells nice 🙂
Mask fit: Oblong mask with weird slits all over. Fits my whole face though.
Did it work as advertised? YES
Overall rating? OMG I loved it!!! Totes amaze 😀

Mask details: Like most MBD masks I’ve tried, this mask had a light, floral scent. I must say I didn’t know what to expect it to smell like (bird spitttt XD)The mask is on the same level of thickness as a TM mask (very thin…), comes with a plastic backing, and it was dripping with essence! Although there was precious few drops left in the package, the plastic liner had lots of essence left on it so I did The Yoosh with it.
Mask Fit: I actually do not particularly care for the fit of MBD masks. They are kinda oblong, and with all the fucking notches on them, I inevitably ended up ripping it in at the chin T_T But it did cover my whole face, so there’s that.
First Impression:  Ohh man, this felt sooooo gooood on my face, especially after a long hot day. The mask stayed wet for over 45 minutes. I took it off finally so I can drink my beer properly XD  After taking it off, my face felt smooth and plump! It took a few minutes for the essence to soak in, then I finished my routine and went about my business.
Final thoughts: Well, my face feels fucking amazing today!!!!! ZOMG my bumps have started clearing up!!! In some places they are fucking GONE. My face still feels nicely hydrated and soooo soft. I cannot stop touching my face (and I prolly should XD). No kidding guys: this mask soothed my irritated skin and really helped hydrated it. These are important attributes for me, especially in the summer! Wooooo!
Would I repurchase this variety? Fuck yes. MBD masks are a great price (at usually ~$12-14 for a box of 10) and always deliver. I will never not have any MBD masks in my stash. They are a great brand through and through. I have another bird’s nest mask from MBD (they have three different kinds I think? LOL) so I will make sure to try that one next month. I also have one more of this Imperial BN mask too… methinks I am hoarding it for a day when I really need some Skin 911. 
Have you tried this MBD mask? What did you think about it? I’m curious to see if anyone else loved it as much as me 😛
Until next time.

MOTD: My Beauty Diary Broccoli Mask

Hey Sheet Mask Addicts! Sorry for the week break. Shit has just been stir cray cray in my life… it’s not all sorted out yet, but I actually missed blogging, so I decided to get back on the horse 😛

In honor of today’s MOTD, I am kicking off Salad Week! Every mask I use this week will feature a veggie you would find in a salad! 😀

Anywho, today’s mask is from an all-around AB favorite company, My Beauty Diary. They are a Taiwanese company, but their masks are so ubiquitous they even sell them at Walmart. Fucking Wally World, ya dig?? I tell ya, AB is taking ‘merrica by STORM!

I bought mine from Beauteque for $1.99. I actually (no surprise) bought a bunch of masks from them (aside from my Mask Maven sub). According to Beauteque,

This mask will give you a smooth, youthful glow! Broccoli works wonders for the skin: it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like beta-carotene. It also contains sulforaphate, a naturally occurring molecule that has anti-aging properties and can even treat the effects of sun damage on the skin. It is ideal for boosting and brightening the appearance of dull, rough, or wrinkly skin. Pineapple, lime, and apple extracts brighten the skin and gently exfoliate, while cucumber extracts soothe and cool. Aloe and hyaluronic acid intensely hydrate thirsty or dull skin for a gorgeous, dewy look.

Intriguing! I’d never heard of broccoli being used in skincare, but at this point in my AB journey, I am not surprised to see it featured. Apparently broccoli is great for all the things! Broccoli is one of my fave veggies. I like it raw (heh), steamed, sauteed, baked, cooked in meat (ala beef broccoli), in a salad… all the ways 😀

Fun fact: did you know that broccoli is related to cabbage, kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts? I never knew that (thanks Wikipedia)!

Enough gabbing, on to the review!

Sorry for the shitty photos… I need to use a real camera D:

Mask details: The MBD packages always amuse me. They are so small and cute! The mask had a light, floral scent–I was half expecting it to smell like broccoli XD The mask is about standard thickness, comes with a plastic backing, and it is soaked in essence! Although there was precious few drops left in the package, the plastic liners has lots of essence left on it so I did The Yoosh with it.

Mask fit: I actually do not particularly care for the fit of MBD masks. They are kinda oblong, and with all the fucking notches on them, I inevitably end up ripping it in at least one place. But they do cover my whole face, so there’s that. Then there’s the un-smoothable air bubbles…..

First impressions: It felt cool and delicious (see what I did there?) on my face. I managed to watch a whole episode of The Moon Embracing the Sun (yeah, I got hooked on a K-Drama……) and it was still rather damp. My face felt smooth and plump! It took a few  minutes for the essence to soak in, then I finished my routine and went about my business.

Final thoughts: Well, I had a small breakout on my forehead that’s been lingering for a few days. I am not sure if it was this or the COSRX AHA I just introduced to my face last night, but my pimples are definitely diminished and my skin has stayed soft and smooth alll day. I cannot stop touching my face (and I prolly should; don’t touch your face all day, kids). Might just be the AHA. but I do think the mask at the very least helped soothe my face after the chemical assault so yayyy for that!

Would I repurchase? Despite the fit, I would. This is the second MBD mask I’ve used, and I really like them even with the shitty fit. But who am I kidding…. there are very few masks that I’ve used that have a decent fit anyway, so whateverrrrrr.They are a great price (at usually ~$12-14 for a box of 10) and are always dripping with essence. Not only that, but they actually leave my face feeling nice long after I use them.  It’s a totes rebuy! 😀

Are there any masks that you’ve been curious about, or have seen no reviews for that you’d like me to try? Please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting masks! 😀

Til tomorrow’s mask,


Beauteque Mask Maven: May Pouch Unboxing

(Warning: picture heavy post…)

Hello dolls!

Today I am showing off sharing my first ever Beauteque Mask Maven subscription pouch! :DDD

I had never been really interested in the beauty box subscription craze before, but the thought of getting random sheet masks I might never have bought or heard of otherwise delivered every month seemed like a great idea. Plus, I call myself a sheet mask maven, so it’s just fitting, no? 😉

The Mask Maven is a subscription service that sends 9 – 11 masks each month. It’s $15 a month plus shipping, You can get a recurring subscription, in addition to buying individual monthly pouches. They say you will receive all kinds of masks including sheet masks, hand and feet masks, hair masks, wash-off masks and more. I can’t say I’m too excited about anything other that face masks/wash off masks, but from what I could see from people who’ve received MM pouches in the past, it’s more sheet masks than anything else (plus, why not try some new stuff besides sheet masks??). Please note that since I exclusively review sheet masks on this blog, there will only be brief details on the masks received. More in depth reviews will follow in the weeks to come (so many masks, so little time…:P)

I got a three month subscription… I’ll decide after that if I want to continue with it or not. I put it in (heh) right before the cut off date for the May box. It arrived quickly after they shipped it (since they shipped from NJ, I got it Friday wooo!) and I am quite excited to show you what’s inside!

I got a total of 9 products: a mask pack, a wash off mask, a set of hand masks, and 6 sheet masks.

SO let’s get to it!

The monthly pouch came via First Class mail. It was packaged in a pink (squeeee!!) organza bag with a cute piece of paper with a quote and a brief note about how to use all the products included–nice touch.

So what’s inside you say???

My new prettiesssss :DDD

Here are all the included contents:

First up is this little guy from It’s Skin, the Todak Todak Nutrition pack. Seems promising. Not sure if I will review it here, as it’s not a sheet mask… but then again, who knows….

Next up is a sheet mask from Han Aka, the Whiteness+ Cherry Blossom mask. It features tranexamic acid (?). I love anything cherry blossom, so this mask is on the top of my list to try! 😀

Next up is a mask from My Beauty Diary, the Apple Polyphenol mask. I have tried a couple of MBD masks and I rather like them (I bought a whole box of the Royal Jelly variety. I love it!!) so I was pleased to see this. From doing research on the Green Tea mask, I learned that polyphenol is grrreat for troubled skin, so I look forward to trying this one 😀

Next is a wash-off mask from Etude House, Scrub Massage Yogurt, I love this company’s packaging (and their collagen Moistfull sleeping pack!!) so I look forward to trying this.

Next is a sheet mask from Humanpia Costech, the (I think?) Daylight and Hue Tomato essence mask. I swear I’d have had a whole salad on my fucking face by the time I go through all the masks I have XD No joke though: tomatoes are great for you: inside and out. I would have never though to buy a tomato mask, so I am really intrigued by this one.

Next is a sheet mask from Etude House, a plain ol’ Honey mask. Don’t let my blase tone fool you: I love honey masks (see three paragraphs ago lol). Like I said before, I really like the products from this company I’ve tried so far, so yay! Not a high priority to try right away though.

Next is a hand mask pair from Nature Republic, the Shea Butter Hand and Nature Moisture Hand Mask. I’ve always wanted to try some of their stuff, but I will admit I am a little apprehensive to try this, I have huge hands… store bought ladies’ gloves never fit me right so I can only imagine what sort of (tiny) hands these were made for >_<

Lana is one of my many spirit animals XD

Anyway, I will do a review of this soon, so look out for it 😉

Next is a sheet mask from Leaders Stepsolution, the Pore-Scaling Black Aqua mask. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I am pretty eager to try it! Huge pores are one of the things I struggle with on my face :/

Last but not least is a sheet mask from Missha, the Pure Source Aloe…. I already had three of these masks in stock (remember my super awesome haul post? LOL I keep bringing it up…), so this was the only kind of bummer for me… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind per se (I suppose this is bound to happen, what with the amount of masks I hoard own) as I really like aloe sheet masks. I actually used it last night; I stuck it in the fridge for an hour and after I finished my Epic Zit Battle, I put that sucker on. ZOMG, after burning off my face the Noxema salicylic acid pads, this shit felt AMAZING! Why did no one tell me that putting sheet masks in the fridge was such a great idea????I’ll use one again and give you a full review another time 😉

All in all, I am rather pleased with this month’s selection. There were some brands I like, some I wanted to try, and some I didn’t know. I look forward to trying and reviewing my new pretties! 😀

ETA: I am finally on Reddit and /r/asianbeauty! I will start posting on there soon (my username is deelishdiscord of course) 😀

I also got my MaskGenie May pouch in yesterday, so look for that unboxing tomorrow! xoxox