Nail Art Makes its 21st Century Debut!

via technology! – GIF on Imgur.

HOLY SHIT!!! This is amazing!!!

But damn, if this shit gets to be cheap enough, there might be a steep decline in the demand for good nail artists, so (this being my bred n’ buttah) I am kinda worried :-/

…but then again, maybe not.

You gotta wonder why they failed so hard to really catch on. If something related to nails and nail art doesn’t hit it big in Japan or South Korea, you know there must be a reason.

Would you buy a nail art printer?

[Thanks to a private share on Google+ for the heads up!]


Saran Wrap Manicure and Throwback Acrylic Set

Being an Unemployed Diva means that some sacrifices have to be made.

After a long love affair with acrylic, I had to give it up last year.

You don’t understand… I have been getting my nails done since I was 13… with very few gaps of having my natural nails out in between. I was known for my crazy flashy nails, like these:

2011-05-28 16.56.56

Damn, I miss these sometimes.

2011-05-28 16.55.55

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