Rhythm Heaven!


This game fucking roxor my soxors!

(Yet another reason why I get nothing done… video games.)

IGN gave it an awesome rating:


It earned it, believe me.

Like I said, all of my hobbies are expensive.

I am a pirate, but I actually LIKE buying the games. I love Nintendo and don’t mind supporting them in the least. I have spent over $400 on games for my DS in total….not counting the ones I sold/gave away.

Speaking of, I need to re-buy Elite Beat Agents…lent it to a friend, and he never gave it back…and the fucker moved away to some college upstate.


Lesson# 346723: never lend black people shit—and expect to get it back.


Phoenix Wright 3

I finally finished it!

I loved it…though I wish the ending had been a bit different.

Seeing as how it’s the last I’ll see of Phoenix…makes me kinda sad…

It took me all of friday to finish…. Oh well. I have many other games left to be finished 🙂

But I want the Apollo Justice game now! I hear Mr. Wright makes an appearance in it 🙂

I Got New DS Games!

I got two new DS games yesterday!

  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village
  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

And I’ve already played the first one.

It’s the kind of game I love: puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles. They lure you into thinking that (given the kiddish, Rin Tin Tin-ish cartoon interface) that the game would be easy….

Hell no.

Right now, I am stuck on this one puzzle, and I need to solve it in order to move on. Unfortunately for me, this game came out about two weeks ago, and (to my knowledge) a walkthrough hasn’t come out for it, so it’s either bust my ass trying to get past that one puzzle, or play PW until someone finally manages to get through it and read the walkthrough.

I think it’ll probably be that way *sigh*.

I live a good challenge, but I get frustrated too easily therein lies the paradox.

Oh well.