Beast – Beautiful Night

Happy Friiidayyy! ❤

This song is so catchy and fun… perfect for a beautiful Friday. Bonus that it was filmed in NYC! 😀

My friend Geena put me on to this group… I only like a few of their songs so far.

Whatevs, enjoy! 😀


A Long Day….and the MetroCard Fare Hike

I’m off to bed. Oh…it’s 3am….fucking Daylight Savings Time…lost a whole hour of sleep…or in my case, a whole hour of lurking on the computer or playing Phoenix Wright (love that new game…lots of drama….).

I am pissed off about the Metrocard fare hikes. They didn’t raise the base price of the cards, but they changed several things:

  1. The Unlimited rides: The unlimited rides were raised exponentially. The monthly was raised from $76 to $81…which is a big deal when you’re broke. At the rate it’s risen, you can pay-per-ride, and still break about even, if you only use your card 5x a week.
  2. The Pay-Per-Ride: Now, when you bought a regular Metrocard (with just $10, for example) you got a 20% bonus (meaning instead of buying a $10 card and getting only $10, you’d get a $12 card…it went on and on from there). NOW you only get a 15% bouns, which makes it kinda weird. Tonight, I bought a $10 card and got $11.50….I’ll let that soak in a moment. The base fare is $2 per ride. How many rides would I get out of a card with $11.50??!??


Now I have to put an extra $.50 on the fucking card to get that last fare.

Oh, and more whining from our fave PITA. This is really getting old, now.


Goodnight, and Good Luck!