Ice Cream!


I love ice cream…. too bad it doesn’t love me back. Or so I thought.

I have made some amigurumi ice cream cones.

Cute Ice Cream

This is my prototype. I think she came out very cute ^__^

Being a prototype is a lot to live up to. I wasn’t satisfied with the way the cone came out on this one… I wanted a more realistic cone, like this:

I wanted that prominent ridge on the top...

So I decided to try again…

Happy Ice Cream

This time, the ridge was perfect...but the head too big :/

You can see more pictures of her on my Flickr Photostream; I iz too lazy to put anymore up 😛

From one problem to the next: This time I made the head too big. The cone has (to my estimation) the same stitch count as the first, minus the ridged part… I think that’s where the crucial difference lies. The ice cream part also; I got a bit carried away with the increases on it…

I’ve actually made an Italian Ice one, too… pictures later. I am happy with the way it came out; I’m learning as I make up shit 😛

Another ice cream or Italian ice (mebbe one of each?) will be made today 🙂


Putter Fork Innit—It’s Complete!

Fiiinally finished this hat!

I do say, I prolly shouldn’t have added that last panel in it (it’s a bit bigger then I wanted…), but I still love the way it came out!

Squee! ❤

Now I plan on starting a project from One Skein Wonders… then maybe I’ll make another Vertigo Hat 🙂

Vertigo Hat

I am about halfway done with it and I am soo excited! It’s coming out so awesomely amazing! This yarn has striped in the most awesome way with this pattern. I will have to make another one with the Red Heart multi yarn (I have more than enough to do so).

Here are the pics:

More pictures when I’m done ^__^

By the looks of it, I may be done tonight, as it is not a hard pattern; a quick knit, really. I have only been working on it primarily on the train to/from work, so it could have been done a lot sooner. Juust in time for monday it should be finished, and then I will start another. Squee! Fucking a, I am on a roll with butter and cheese 😀