Teased Time is Tumultuous

Teased Time is Tumultuous

Tick tock, the clocks a’ tickin’
Teasing us with promised time
All you’ve come to love and hate
Will disappear on a dime

We fool ourselves into lulled thinking
That time is on our side
But Time is a cruel mistress
And while we sleep, she glides

She strips away our wanton youth
And with every waking breath
We waste away our lives each day
Until the last moment, awaits death.

But when comes death, no one knows
Until fac’d in all her glory
She laughs as you needlessly struggle
Another one for her ne’erending story.

I seem to be churning them out lately.


All’s Fair When Lovers Part

All’s Fair When Lovers Part

All’s fair when lovers part
I knew it wouldn’t last
So many stolen moments spent
It all went way too fast…

So much for our plans to see the world
All that’s left is strife.
All we had is done and spoiled
and just like that, on with your life.

Just look how easy it was for you
To nod and turn away;
I see now how it really was—
You were never meant to stay.

Permanence is a stall-way,
Diligence is best
But all along I should have known
You were exactly like the rest.

But pain is a faint memory
When all is said and done
I have sweet memories to seal away
The emptiness that is to come.

Haven’t written a poem in a long time…but this was well warranted. I guess everything great is good while it lasts…

(I’m Full of) Broken Promises and Shattered Dreams…

I’m full of broken promises and shattered dreams
Food for the heartbroken and the hopeless.

Hapless and haggard,
I drink from the cup of Happenstance
And hope against hope…

Maybe there is a place out there
Where dreams come true
And people are truly happy—
Do you think it possible?


But in the Sandman’s kingdom,
Such thoughts are wasteful and futile.

The Death of Hope

Where does the futility in hope lay?
To waste our time on foolish dreams,
To see it die away?
I guess I’ve fallen astray–
Oh, how the wicked one schemes!

Hope is a dying word
Bought out by dilemma and strife
(What a debt we have incurred!)
To hear its cry and not have stirred
To hope we all have rife.

The funeral’s held tomorrow,
And who shall be invited?
All the lover’s sorrow,
All the words left borrowed,
And Despair should be delighted.

Starvation of the Soul

I hunger for something
Food cannot abate
I thirst for something
Mere drink cannot quake

I long for something
Hopes alone cannot achieve
I dream of something incredulous–
It’s one cannot truly believe…

My life is a unending conundrum
of opposing contradictions
I have no hope, no stay,
no cause or predilections
to strive for the answers
of what it is I seek.
A thousand different cancers
lie a-ready at my disposal
A wry, bemused laugh
is all that awaits my proposal…

Cut and Hide

I wrote this one today while waiting for my Art class (which is fab) to start.

Cut and Hide

Cut me from an open wound
Cut me from your heart
Cut me in an open place
I’ve cut you from the start

Hide me in an ivory tower
Hide me from your touch
Hide me from this eerie feeling
I fear it far too much.

All this inner turmoil,
All this needless strife,
All this bitter struggle
To pretend a normal life?

Slash and burn is what I do
But cut and hide works fine
Upon my shallow heart you dine
I know it all too true.