This Week in Pictures… Sort Of (6/10)

It’s been a busy week for me, this last week of Age 27. Continue reading


Entrelac? Enchante!

(I love alliteration… couldn’t you tell??)

I’ve become obsessed with entrelac and lace. I was afraid to try either of these for a long time, but I got over myself. Like most things in life, they looked hard until I figured it out…now I’m obsessed! Madness, I know 😛

Yes, I’m still working on Wisp. I’m ~80% done with it. I hope to finish it before July starts. I wonder if I can just use one skein of Parisienne to do so… I reckon I’m cutting it close already. But the tiny ball (hehe) has impressed me so far. I have 6 repeats left! Can I make it??!?? *dun dun dun*

I’ve just been slacking lately.

My life has felt lackluster… I’m so fed up of my yob (job) and my life in general… so I decided I’m going back to school! Yes, it’s true…. I don’t wanna be stuck at a dead end job for the rest of my life, so it’s back to hitting the books for me.

Enough about that! Pictures of my first entrelac project:

My First Entrelac project

These are the base triangles.

My First Entrelac project

This is tier 1 - left side triangle and middle right slanting diamonds.

My First Entrelac project

Tier 1 - right side triangle

My First Entrelac project

The beginning of Tier 2 - first left slanting diamond completed

My First Entrelac project

Tier 2 - two left slanting diamonds done!! 😀

I’m using di.Vé Teseo (rav link) and US9 needles… and I;m glad I didn’t use the recommended needle size on the label. I’m using needles a size down and it’s still a bit loose. I dunno if that’s good or bad… * shrugs*

I’m using the Entrelac Scarf Tutorial by KnittyOtter. It’s a great tutorial… however the way certain things were worded were a bit hazy. Whenever she says “pick up and knit x stitches along the selvedge edge of the next triangle/diamond. It took me a while to figure out it’s not the one next to the one you’re working; you pick up stitches from the *bottom or side*.  Also, the first time I attempted to pick up and knit the stitches, I always came out on the wrong side of where I was supposed to be… I literally knit them after I pick them up, one at a time. Other than that, it was easy to follow. I’ll be making more entrelac things in the future 🙂

In other fiber news, I’ve joined up with the Rubberneckers on Ravelry for the annual Tour de Fleece. We’ll be spinning along with the bikers of the Tour De France. We’ll spin everyday the tour is running, with two dedicated rest days, and a challenge day. I’m looking for ward to it, as I haven;t been spinning much lately. It’ll help reduce my fiber stash, add more lovely yarn to my yarn stash, and give me an excuse to buy more fiber 😉

My friend Bonnie was kind enough to give me a $30 gift certificate to buy more roving for the TdF 😀

It was the best birthday present I got this year… well, pretty much the only gift I got 😛

More updates on (the hopefully finished) Wisp and the entrelac tutorial by Friday. Soon I’ll be able to start that entrelac hat pattern by Nangelini! I already have the two skeins of Noro Silk garden and all of the accouterments necessary to start it. Squee! ❤

Yes, I AM Still Working on Wisp!

Yes, it’s slow going! I hope to finish it before July…

2010-06-14 16.29.01

I'm about halfway done. I have 7 out of 15 pattern repeats done 😛

I got a lot of compliments on it when I went out to the Brooklyn Central Library for World Wide Knit in Public Day. It was a nice little gathering… I ended up signing up for the newly forming Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild. There was a raffle and I won a prize! I won this:


Which I had on my BOMC2 queue to get next month!! 😀 I was so happy… I never win anything in raffles ❤

I’ve made some more ice creams; I’ve made a chocolate and a strawberry to keep the vanilla company 😛 I’ll take pictures soon. I have to start making some more. So many things to do… it feels so overwhelming sometimes. I just want to make myself things, and to hell with selling stuff… not the best mentality to have…but I iz lazy 😛

I have been neglecting my shop! I haven’t made anymore earrings or bracelets. I must do that this week… just not today or Wednesday.  Wednesday is mah birthday!! But I’m broke, so I didn’t go overload on yummy yarn this year 😦 Maybe next paycheck… but I have so much yarn right now, it;s a non-issue. I have more yarn than projects I wanna do 😛

I might start either an entrelac tutorial, or [fiiinallllyyyyy!] the Blue Curacao shawl tonight… I’ll see how I feel. Come July, I’ll be doing the Tour de Fleece, so I won’t be knitting at home much, if at all [I will have a To-Go project of some sort, dunno what yet…]. I suppose I’ll be starting entrelac, then… and I guess that can be my To-Go project for July… but I have so many more yummy projects I wanna do *wails*

I’m too damn decisive for my own damn good :/

I iz Finished! Woot!

I finished these on saturday, but I was too lazy to post the pictures then 😛

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

They are way more comfy than the other socks I made...

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

Squee! ❤

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

Sorry for the shitty picture quality; Ash took this in her room 😛

Coquettish Crocheted Creation

Shitty picture of the bottom 😛

They took me way longer than necessary to finish… I got bored of them, I think. I did find two other sock patterns to get excited about though. I actually paid for them (shocking, I know!)

I attempted to start one on Saturday while I was at the laundry mat…. the way the pattern was written made it so there was an extra 4 stitches left over from the pattern repeat…which seemed to make no sense to me. I was also using variegated yarn (my nummy rainbow-esque merino handyed sock yarn<3), which did not mesh well with the stitch pattern… I couldn’t really see what was going on 😛 . I frogged it and decided to start it over with another one of my handyed yarns, this one mostly solid (it has flecks of color, but not distracting 🙂

I’ve also warmed up to Wisp. It has gotten easier (even on the train!) to work on. I’m up to my third repeat. There are supposed to be 17 panels of fisherman lace; I have three done, and am on my third knit panel… a little ways to go. I might just keep going and use up both skeins for this; I suppose it depends on if I can squeeze out the whole 17 panels in one skein or not.

I think this is more of a scarf than a shawl… I’ve been mislabeling it the whole time! (oh well).

Hopefully I’ll be done before the end of the month… I might be able to make that  happen. I’ve pretty much finished up the one swap I have due this month. I have two swaps due in July… will start cranking out shit for those later in the month/early July.

I feel like making a hat. Having a bad hair week made me rediscover ,y love of hats! I’ll have to make a hat by the weekend… I’m getting my hair done, which will prolly defeat the purpose, huh? But I can make a hat in an evening…

I have the most awesomest idea for a crocheted hat, too! ❤

Stay tuned. Pictures of Wisp later this week. hopefully there will be more progress 🙂

WIP it Good!


I’ve been a busy bee!

Updates on Wisp:

Wisp in Progress

I'm getting there...

Wisp in Progress

Slowly yet surely.

I’ve gotten up to the first knit panel! (gee, I only have like 15 panels to go :/) I’ve made this my main travel project, as I am just about done with the socks… which still need to be finished. I am so close, I can almost taste it—-

Sock in progress

So close!

I just have like one more row of the cuff to do, and then the heel 🙂 I’ll try to finish it tonight, but I prolly won’t get to it until tomorrow, as I have a BBQ to go to later 😀

I didn’t bring Wisp with me today. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked 😉

I just got a netbook this weekend (squee!) I got this one:

It was on sale at PC Richards for $289… good deal, and I really needed it so there went about half my paycheck :3

I needed a sleeve for my new baby, but (broke as I now am) wasn’t gonna spend $15-25 on one.

So I decided to crochet one 🙂

Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve

Squee! Isn't it looking swell?

I’m a genius, what can I say?

I started it like I would a crocheted sock… but this time, I measured the short side, and chained 1/2- 1″ less than the length, then increased it until it was the length needed (I wanted a nice, rounded end). I chose to use Red Heart, as I needed a good, sturdy yarn that would cushion… the colorway (lipstick) is coming out in this amazing stripey pooling effect… I couldn’t have planned it better myself. People talk shit about variegated yarns and their pooling effects, but they have been nothing but good to me. This reminds me of when I made the Vertigo Hat… the colors pooled to make stripes! ❤

I’ve brought it along to work on…. I started it at 12:30 this morning, and I’m about halfway done now. Should take 2-3 hrs in total, tops.

I may make some to sell in the shop… I was thinking about making some with fabric linings and foam inserts for extra protection… Guess we’ll see.

More pictures when finished… which will more than likely be tonight.

One Down, One to Go, Shop Open, and Wispy

I got one sock done! ❤

2010-05-17 21.59.01_Brooklyn_New York_US

Ta da! ❤

2010-05-17 21.59.32_Brooklyn_New York_US

This is really comfy ^__^

2010-05-17 22.00.06_Brooklyn_New York_US

Top view.

2010-05-17 21.57.02

Doesn't look too glamorous here... but *shrugs*

I’ve started the second foot, but I’ve been slacking. I should have been at least halfway done with it. This weekend was rather hectic, so I didn’t touch it once. I also didn’t work on it on the way to work today, like I always do. Huh. I hope the novelty hasn’t worn off…

2010-05-17 21.57.20

I like the other sock's toe better :/

I’m gonna start Wisp tonight, too…. I want to at least cast it on. It’s one of the patterns I’ve been dying to do! ❤

2010-05-17 21.57.32

The Beginning

Eek! I didn’t realize how late it is… time flies. I’ll only have the strength to cast on and nothing more 😦

Damn, I lost one of my point protectors when I was doing the Eyelet Shawl :/

I’m tired. Updates perhaps on Wednesday or Thursday, as I’m off both days this week.

BTW, the shop’s open! I’ve only put up 13 items so far (all stitch markers), aaaand I have a ton to go…. i have like 10 stitch marker sets alone left to put up, not to mention the earrings, fascinators, amigurumi and other assorted things…

I’ll be listing forever…

I got some new charms in today, too. Pictures this week, I promise!

The Satisfaction of Complete :D

Squeeee! I’ve blocked and dried my awesome shawl!

Pictures? Of course.


This is when I was pining it out to dry 😛

This is a close up before blocked.

This is after I blocked it.

This is after I blocked it.

Worn as a scarf 😉

Worn as a scarf 😉

After blocking, stretched out on my messy bed 😛

The after block glow

After blocking

In other news, I’ve made some progress on my socks! I was hesitant to use the Lion Brand sock ease, but it really works up nicely. I love the colorway I’m using, “cotton candy”. I must say I’ve never had cotton candy that was bright ass pink, pale pink, lime green and purple, but I digress. It looks fabulous!

I’m tempted to start a gome project so I won’t work on the socks at home… they’re calling to me…

I do have other fibertivities (I coined a word!) To do: yarn to wind into pull balls, and (yet again) reorganizing The Stash (its so massive it deserves proper noun status :P)

But, no. Until I open up my biz, I’ll not be starting another epic project.

I’m officially obssessed with shawls and socks ^__^

Project Updates and Hopefuls

I finally finished my shawl!!!

I haven’t blocked it yet, but even without blocking, it’s as big as the shawl I made for my gramma after I blocked it O__O I used the same type of yarn (Malabrigo) and almost the same amout of yarn (~300 yards)… but I used needles one size bigger. I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference!

Apparently I was wrong.

I’m blocking it tonight, so I’ll take pictures in progress and when it’s all nice and dry.

I started crocheting another pair of socks… it’s so much fun and will be way more portable than the shawl was… especially at the end of it.

Here is the beginning:

I started it this morning on the train 🙂

The first pair of crocheted socks I made took about 8 hours. As I plan to work on this solely to and from work, should take me about a week or two to finish(?)

Opening a biz doesn’t leave much room for big home projects, even though there are a ton of them I’d like to do…. once I have my shop situated, I’ll start another shawl. I want to make this:

This is the first pattern I’ve

  1. bought a WHOLE BOOK for
  2. bought yarn specifically for
  3. been really, truly excited about
  4. feel challenged just by reading the pattern
  5. has a chart I’m [hopefully] able to follow

and as such I cannot wait to make it!! ^__^

(well, it’s been on hold for a few months yet, Getting the ambition up to make it, and now I’m uuber busy with my shop opening right around the corner and all :/)

My Selfish Shawl

Squee! I’m almost done with it! It’s been cold enough lately, so I know I’ll get some use out of it before summer settles in… and even when it does, it’s lightweight enough to carry along, methinks.

Here are some pictures I took of it on the train this morning.

I love using Malabrigo Silky. The colors I used for this one and the one I made for my gramma are hard to find, now. I prefere varigated yarns…. solids are so…blah.

(If you’re on Rav, you can see my queue here)

I won’t be working on anything else until I finish it… that;s the new rule I have for myself. I have such a short attention span, I have to curb it, somehow. The only exceptions to this rule are

  1. things made for swaps. Which happened quite a bit the last two months
  2. things made for other people. Birthdays and mics requests, those come in ofter enough…
  3. things for my biz: well, a girl has to make some money somehow or another, right?? 😛

That’s all for now.

Frogged. And New Projects!

I was working on some driving gloves, but (being me) I wasn’t using the correct arn, and I didn’t check my gauge.

So I had to frog.  A pity really; the colors were fantastic. I didn’t even take a pictre, so don’t ask (LOL).

I started a new hat, and I started a shawl. I am excited about it! I have never been so ambitious.

Pictures of my WIPs tomorrow 🙂