NOTD: Paint Splattered Skittle Nails

I have been totally unoriginal with my nails lately… I just love this damn Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots collection so much! XD Continue reading


Kick Ass Weekend!

Kick Ass Weekend!

I had such a great weekend!!!!

I got some awesome stuff from my friends, I went to a bar to hang out with my bf and his friends; got drunk as fuck, had an intense, relationship changing moment with le bf, and my nephew popped in to say hello! 😀

This summer is shaping up to be a great one so far! Now all I need is a yob and I’ll be super super happy 😀

Ice Cream!


I love ice cream…. too bad it doesn’t love me back. Or so I thought.

I have made some amigurumi ice cream cones.

Cute Ice Cream

This is my prototype. I think she came out very cute ^__^

Being a prototype is a lot to live up to. I wasn’t satisfied with the way the cone came out on this one… I wanted a more realistic cone, like this:

I wanted that prominent ridge on the top...

So I decided to try again…

Happy Ice Cream

This time, the ridge was perfect...but the head too big :/

You can see more pictures of her on my Flickr Photostream; I iz too lazy to put anymore up 😛

From one problem to the next: This time I made the head too big. The cone has (to my estimation) the same stitch count as the first, minus the ridged part… I think that’s where the crucial difference lies. The ice cream part also; I got a bit carried away with the increases on it…

I’ve actually made an Italian Ice one, too… pictures later. I am happy with the way it came out; I’m learning as I make up shit 😛

Another ice cream or Italian ice (mebbe one of each?) will be made today 🙂

It’s to DYE For…

I couldn’t resist a good pun 😉

I’ve been dyeing with Kool Aid and Wilton’s icing dye.

It’s so much fun! The colors come out amazing, and I have the utter satisfaction of having something unduplicatable (COINING WORDS AGAIN??!??)<3

Pictures? Of course [picture overload warning]:

Spinning and Dyeing is Kool

I handspun this and dyed it with Ice Blue kool aid

Spinning and Dyeing is Kool

Dyed with Tropical Punch; started out as a beige-ish brown 😛

Spinning and Dyeing is Kool

Dyed with strawberry kiwi and orange

Spinning and Dyeing is Kool

100% mohair dyed with Grape kool aid

Dyed with Strawberry kiwi and wilton's icing dye

Dyed with Strawberry kiwi and wilton's icing dye

Dyed with Strawberry kiwi and wilton's icing dye

Ink Stained Shrimp

Dyed with wilton's icing dye

The Real Teak Deal

Dyed with wilton's icing dye

Superwash Merino Sock Yarn

Dyed with lemonade, fruit punch, orange, ice blue, and wilton's icing dye

Yarns I've dyed recently

Hope you enjoy the pictures! ❤

Dyeing is so addictive… I’m mixing it with my other new love (spinning) so I can be really authentic!