Teased Time is Tumultuous

Teased Time is Tumultuous

Tick tock, the clocks a’ tickin’
Teasing us with promised time
All you’ve come to love and hate
Will disappear on a dime

We fool ourselves into lulled thinking
That time is on our side
But Time is a cruel mistress
And while we sleep, she glides

She strips away our wanton youth
And with every waking breath
We waste away our lives each day
Until the last moment, awaits death.

But when comes death, no one knows
Until fac’d in all her glory
She laughs as you needlessly struggle
Another one for her ne’erending story.

I seem to be churning them out lately.


All’s Fair When Lovers Part

All’s Fair When Lovers Part

All’s fair when lovers part
I knew it wouldn’t last
So many stolen moments spent
It all went way too fast…

So much for our plans to see the world
All that’s left is strife.
All we had is done and spoiled
and just like that, on with your life.

Just look how easy it was for you
To nod and turn away;
I see now how it really was—
You were never meant to stay.

Permanence is a stall-way,
Diligence is best
But all along I should have known
You were exactly like the rest.

But pain is a faint memory
When all is said and done
I have sweet memories to seal away
The emptiness that is to come.

Haven’t written a poem in a long time…but this was well warranted. I guess everything great is good while it lasts…

A Few Comments I’ve Received on “Broken…”

I have gotten a few comments from all over the web about this poem:

Someone from Craigslist:
i liked the poem, very intense…of course with everything that is going on in and around our lives, it was great choice of words… 🙂

People from OKCupid:

Well you may feel like shit but you write like a badass. Your emotional spectrum may be dire and dark, but your written expressions are the most colorful blackness I’ve seen in a while. Kudos… oh and sorry to hear you’re feelin bad hopefully it passes soon.


Dreams arn’t broken nah, they’re walking with a limp. It’s all what you make of it and if happines doesn’t show up it’s time to try something else.

Interesting, no?

The general feeling I get is that people seem to think I’m depressed or something…

Maybe I secretly am, and just don’t know it yet.

As I explained on Writer’s Cafe, it’s

A free write that came out while pondering life. Not my usual style, but I liked the way it came out

Nothing more, nothing less. I really haven’t felt that out of sorts lately (thank Eris) but….wistful is the more appropriate word.

The best thing to come out of all this?

I’m writing again, and that’s all that matters.

(I’m Full of) Broken Promises and Shattered Dreams…

I’m full of broken promises and shattered dreams
Food for the heartbroken and the hopeless.

Hapless and haggard,
I drink from the cup of Happenstance
And hope against hope…

Maybe there is a place out there
Where dreams come true
And people are truly happy—
Do you think it possible?


But in the Sandman’s kingdom,
Such thoughts are wasteful and futile.

I Need a Muse…

I need a Muse.

I’ve had some muses in the past (some have made me very prolific, others I squeezed out a poem or two for)….

There have been two significant Muses in my life…both of whom touched me deeply (and touched me in places that would make you blush….but I digress) and left me raw, naked, and vulnerable….perfect fodder for good poems, so to speak.

So to them, I have to say thank you.

I might not have appreciated they ways you fucked me over, made me happy, and left me completely miserable and dejected then, but I sure as hell do now.

You’ve helped make me the way I am, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

But I need a new muse….hopefully one that won’t fuck me over 🙂

My whatever-you-want-to-call-him-now has been no inspiration whatsoever.

In fact, I always seem to write less when I’m with him. When we first broke up, I wrote all the time. before I met him, same thing. I don;t get it, but I think I kind of do.

He’s just so uninspiring,  and shows no apparent interest not only in my writing, but in almost anything I’m interested in. They say opposites attract, but Jesus…we have nothing to talk about besides Family Guy, South Park, and other banal Pop Culture trappings.


I need a muse…..I need to be inspired.