Missing Pictures Issue – Solved

It took awhile but I fixed 'em!

It took awhile but I fixed ’em!

It came to my attention that a bunch of fucking pictures were broken… total technology fail D:

Fucking WordPress man… it seems to not like me linking to my pictures on Google Drive … but only for some pictures, and then it goes in and out. I had to take the time to go through the last couple of weeks worth of posts, download the pictures they were supposed to have to my PC, then upload them on WP with all the proper captions and sizes *sweatdrop* Continue reading

Lipstick Madness!

I don’t know what it is but I’ve become obsessed with lipstick recently! I’ve had a few tubes laying around and used them here and there, but then I put on that TonyMoly lip tint I got from my friend Vanna and realized I look great with red lips! Why was I ever so opposed to red (lips and nails) is a mystery… I’m human, I change my mind and preferences as I grow old go along XD

My BFF Anna bought me a nice tame L’oreal lippie in reddish brown this past Thursday that looked great on me, which inspired me to go hunt down some nice reds… then I went a little crazy and got some other colors XD Continue reading

100 Years of Natural Hair Beauty

This series has been making the rounds for sometime on the net. I was so happy and surprised to come across one for black natural hair! 😀 It’s so important to have representation! This is truly inspiring to girls with kinky hair everywhere (at least I think so)!

I can’t wait for my hair to get longer so I can try some of these looks! XD

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and ManiMatch Launch

Hey Dolls!

You may or may not know (prolly not…) but I’m a certified nail technician! I graduated from nail school last June (right after my 29th birthday!) and have been doing freelance nails since then. If you’re in NYC, I am available for a variety of nail services through my StyleSeat and through the Priv app (on Android and iPhones) 😀 /shamless plug

Last week (9/18-9/20) I had the privilege to work with world-famous Sally Hansen here in NYC for their new Mani Match app launch! (You can check out the Mani Match app here… only on iPhones right now…boo). I was one of 14 manicurists they hired to give manis away to celebrate their launch! I won’t lie to you… it was exhausting as fuck (I did about 100 express manicures last weekend and had to stand while I painted nails *sweatdrop*), but I met a lot of cool people and had the opportunity to work with a team of talented nail techs! 😀

Here are some of my favorite manis I painted and clients from the launch: Continue reading

Super Awesome AB Package Goodness!!!

Hey dolls! Long time no AB post, right?!?? 😛

The magnificently gorgeous Vanna over at Leaves of Yves sent me a super awesome box stuffed full of AB goodies, and I just had to show off share with you guys!! 😀 If you are into Asian beauty, subscription boxes and makeup, you’ll love her blog. She’s funny, thoughtful, and very thorough in her reviews! ❤

She sent me a bunch of full sized products, loads of samples, sheet masks, a heart shaped konjac sponge, pumice stones, some lip products, blotting papers, mask packs, a cute little stuffed snail. and a shit load of decants from her personal stash…not to mention a sweet handwritten note telling me what all the decants were. She’s the best, y’all T_T

Wow, where do I start??? Let’s see another group photo, shall we? 😀 Continue reading

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Mystery Babylon

My wonderful boyfriend put me on to this band. I love them! 😀

I have a thing for groups who use clips from old school shows and movies in their songs (like The Avalanches or Wax Tailor) and this band does it a lot… and very well. I’d never seen the video before trying to post this, but it really is visually striking, and helps put the song in perspective.

Anyone know of any other bands or groups who do this??

Nellie McKay – David

I heard this song when I was attempting to watch Weeds (I couldn’t get into it :/).

I fell in love with the song, and I actually bought (yes, I actually paid for music XD) the album this song is on, Get Away From Me. It’s really great! I love her eclectic sound (lil bit of jazz, pop …even some disco!) but what made me love this song is the old school Doris Day feel it has, in great contrast to the lyrics.

Check out the rest of this album if you like this song… you might be able to find it on the YouTube. I’ll share a couple more songs from this album soon 😀